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Presto Geosystems Announces Advancement in Geocell Load Transfer Device

Parul Dubey on March 16, 2023 - in News, Products

Presto Geosystems, the leader in geocell technology, announces its latest advancement in geocell load transfer technology with the release of an improved version of the patented ATRA® Tendon Clip.

The ATRA Tendon Clips are widely recognized as the industry’s strongest and fastest-to-install load transfer device. They feature a unique design that “locks” with the GEOWEB® cell wall, providing the most secure connection possible. A looped tie-off assures that tendons stay bound to the device, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. The new and improved version of the ATRA Tendon Clip includes frictional barbs for improved interlock with the GEOWEB surface texture.

Presto Geosystems has also added its trademark to each and every tendon clip, ensuring that customers can be confident they are working with genuine Presto Geosystems geocell technology. To find these clips, customers need only look for the ATRA® name.

The “locked with the cell” design of the ATRA Tendon Clip also allows for easy preassembling off-slope, making it a huge time saver, especially on steeper slopes that are difficult to access.


Presto Geosystems continues to lead the way in geocell technology with innovative products like the new and improved ATRA Tendon Clip. For more information about the ATRA Tendon Clip or any other Presto Geosystems product, visit www.prestogeo.com.


Presto Geosystems is the original inventor and global leader in geocell technology. Our patented GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System been installed on thousands of projects in every geographic region in the world, and is the only geocell technology that has stood the test of time for over forty years.

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