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Snupi Technologies Launches WallyHome for Monitoring Homes

Matt Ball on March 24, 2014 - in Corporate, Sensors

wally-home_webSNUPI Technologies launched WallyHome today, the first member of the Wally family of sensors. WallyHome provides a consumer friendly, state-of-the-art sensor network that monitors changes in moisture, temperature and humidity to give homeowners intelligent insights into the health of their home.

In 2011, 14 million homeowners suffered from damage due to water, freezing and mold, which resulted in $11 billion in property loss claims. The majority of those claims were preventable or could have been significantly less if detected earlier.  Even when claims are covered by insurance, homeowners face paying a deductible and a consequential rate increase, their life is disrupted, and their property’s integrity is compromised.  WallyHome is a connected home solution that tackles the problem of undetected leaks and undesired moisture in homes.

Jeremy Jaech, SNUPI Technologies’ CEO, said, “We’re proud to be putting a product on the market that solves a real problem for homeowners. In our increasingly busy lives, we often neglect basic homeowner maintenance, such as replacing dishwasher and washing machine hoses every five years.  We want to give people a means to be connected to their home no matter where they are, and provide them an alert when even a maintained hose or water heater starts to leak.  WallyHome’s user-friendly interface and convenient modes of communication allow for an interactive experience, so you’re always in the know. Wally is here to give the world safer, healthier and smarter homes.”

SNUPI has taken a revolutionary technology out of the labs of the University of Washington and Georgia Tech to provide homeowners with a simple way of maintaining a healthy home, especially unattended vacation homes. The system pairs a Hub and ultra-low power, wireless sensors, which are placed with appliances or in hazard-prone spaces, to create a smart home platform.

WallyHome Features

  • Includes six Wally sensors, one Wally Hub and all necessary cords
  • Web and mobile app dashboards detailing each sensor
  • Location
  • Current and past temperature and humidity readings
  • Water leak alerts
  • Immediate, detailed alerts via text/push/email, only when there’s an issue
  • Primary and secondary contact lists for control over who is alerted for which incidents
  • Easy installation using the Wally app on your phone or web
  • 10+ years of battery life

Because the battery lasts for over 10 years, Wally owners have peace of mind that their homes are monitored for hazards without having to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Since prevention is the best medicine, Wally provides customers with a way to prevent costly repairs and property loss by monitoring for these impending failures and unhealthy trends.


WallyHome is available for purchase for $299 online at www.wallyhome.com.

Wally will also be touring major cities this year, visiting home shows across the nation. The tour kicks off today at the Seattle Home Show, which is running from February 15th-23rd.

About SNUPI Technologies

SNUPI Technologies is a sensor and services company for the connected home. Its patented technology provides homeowners unsurpassed coverage and sensor longevity for environmental hazard protection. Our customers use our devices, in connection with our monitoring service, to discover and alert themselves when a harmful event occurs in their home.  SNUPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure) technology is an ultra-low-power, general-purpose wireless sensing platform that is easily used and maintained by leveraging the existing electrical wiring as a whole home antenna. The company is based in Seattle and was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Jaech and co-inventors of the underlying technology Professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds of the University of Washington, and University of Washington doctoral student Gabe Cohn.  SNUPI Technologies has exclusive license of the underlying technology from the University of Washington and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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