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Video: How State DOTs Address Risk and Resilience

Todd Danielson on March 3, 2023 - in Multimedia, Transportation, Videos

State DOTs are no strangers to extreme weather, from wildfires to floods and snowstorms. To understand how they’re responding to this risk and enhancing resilience, tune in to AASHTO Transportation TV’s Special Report on the Knowledge Session – Addressing Risk and Resilience Sponsored by the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA).

This knowledge session moderated by Josh Beakley, vice president of engineering at ACPA, examines how state DOTs are addressing risk and resilience through their asset management plans. Hear from panelists Jennifer Carver, statewide community planning coordinator for Florida DOT; Pam Cotter, acting administrator of planning for Rhode Island DOT; Sandy Hertz, director of the Office of Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation at Maryland DOT; and Nathan Lee, director of technology and innovation at Utah DOT. Get the inside scoop on a crucial topic – don’t miss this Special Report!

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