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Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces Next-Generation, Easy-to-Install H1A Hurricane Tie Designed for Increased Resiliency and Higher Allowable Loads Using Fewer Fasteners

Parul Dubey on February 23, 2023 - in News, Products
Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, today announced the release of the Simpson Strong-Tie® H1A next-generation hurricane tie, a code-listed and tested update to the original H1 connector. The new tie is designed to install with fewer, shorter nails and achieves higher allowable uplift and F2 loads to meet the building safety needs of homes in seismic and high-wind regions of the country.
This new H1A hurricane tie is included in the soon-to-be released Simpson Strong-Tie High Wind Guide, a 68-page resource for designers and contractors in high-wind regions of the country. The updated High Wind Guide features product information and technical details for building in areas subject to hurricanes or tornadoes.
According to the first extended-range forecast for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season provided by Tropical Storm Risk (TSR), there’s approximately a 70% probability of average or above-average hurricane activity in 2023. The forecast calls for 13 tropical storms and six hurricanes, including three intense hurricanes.
Designed for nominal 2x lumber, the H1A features innovative embossments that add stiffness for improved allowable uplift and lateral loads. In addition to providing strength and versatility, the H1A installs quickly and easily with 1 1/2″ nails, eliminating the need to use two different nail sizes in the same connector and reducing both the length and overall number of nails required.
“We took one of our most popular hurricane ties and looked at whether it was possible to make it even stronger and easier to install. Our innovative engineers discovered the answer was yes to both questions,” says Bryan Wert, Simpson Strong-Tie director of Connectors and Lateral Systems. “Our new H1A installs with one shorter size nail, and has proven in testing to meet the dynamic construction needs of engineers, designers, and builders working in seismic and high-wind regions of the country.”
Ideal for both single-family and multifamily wood-framed construction, the H1A provides a connection between the truss or rafter and the wall for the increased strength to help buildings resist wind and seismic forces, and is available in standard G90 galvanization or with ZMAX® coating for corrosion resistance.
For more information about the H1A hurricane tie, including resources on building safer, stronger, resilient structures in areas prone to high-wind or seismic events, visit go.strongtie.com/h1a.
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