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ClockSpring|NRI Announces New Name: Critica™ Infrastructure

Parul Dubey on February 1, 2023 - in Corporate, News

 Representing the Breadth of Critical Infrastructure Solutions and Markets Served


Houston, TX – ClockSpring|NRI, a portfolio company of Wind Point Partners (“Wind Point”), today announced a new corporate brand name and logo for the company: Critica Infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure assets, the arteries and systems that keep global economies thriving, are increasingly operating beyond their original design life. Critica Infrastructure solutions, including associated engineering support and training services, are trusted by asset owners, engineers, and operators to extend the life of assets through our proven, engineered composites, insertion valves, geopolymer materials, and fiber-reinforced polymer solutions.

“As the company has continued to grow, both organically and through acquisitions, a new corporate brand and logo were necessary to better reflect the diverse industries we serve, including energy, water, storm and sanitation systems, buildings and transportation,” said Frank Firsching, Chief Executive Officer, Critica Infrastructure.

“Critica Infrastructure is comprised of four business unit brands (AVT Insertion Valves, CSNRI Composites, Fyfe FRP, and GeoTree Solutions), which will continue to operate under these brands to engage customers and business partners. Critica Infrastructure, accessible directly at CriticaInfra.com, provides a stronger brand to position the entire enterprise as a high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company,” noted Vikki Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer, Critica Infrastructure.

“With new infrastructure assets increasingly difficult to get permitted and constructed, our solutions are essential to keep aging infrastructure functioning. Critica Infrastructure solutions help ensure critical infrastructure assets will continue to operate safely into the future for the communities and businesses they support,” added Mr. Firsching.

About Critica Infrastructure

Critica Infrastructure is shaping the future of critical infrastructure through highly-engineered and proven composites, insertion valves, geopolymer materials, and fiber-reinforced polymers, and associated engineering support and training services.

Critica Infrastructure solutions are used to construct, maintain, strengthen, protect, and rehabilitate energy transmission and distribution lines, high-consequence industrial pipework, water pipelines, tanks, storm and sanitation systems, and civil/structural assets. Critica Infrastructure solutions are safer and more sustainable, easy to install, cost effective to deploy, and durable for decades. CriticaInfra.com


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