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North Central Texas Council of Governments Selects one.network to Offer Work Zone Data Sharing Solutions for Member Agencies and Beyond

Parul Dubey on January 24, 2023 - in Technology, Transportation

The agreement allows all public-sector agencies in the United States to easily procure the company’s data sharing solutions that will let them manage their work zones and create WZDx feeds. one.network was part of a small group to help USDOT develop WZDx and continues helping steer the initiative today.


ARLINGTON, Texas – one.network, an innovative road management software as a service (SaaS) technology provider, today announced the company has been selected by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), to provide work zone data sharing solutions for its member communities and U.S. transportation agencies via the TXShare Cooperative Purchasing Program.

one.network’s selection is an important part of the region’s strategy to keep workers and drivers safe, as the agreement gives member agencies the opportunity to use the company’s software to share work zone data through the national Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx). WZDx will provide that information to GPS app providers, regional agencies and key third parties. The contract also dramatically simplifies the procurement process for public-sector agencies by extending access to any interested agency that can benefit from it. The contract satisfies Uniform Guidance 2.CFR.200 regulations, with the promise that one.network software will be as seamless and simple to procure and deploy, as it is to operate.

“With simple installation and intuitive operation, our software allows traffic managers to digitize work zones for increased safety and efficiency,” said James Harris, one.network’s founder and CEO. “We know many of the communities operate with small traffic management staffs and we are committed to not wasting their time with complicated procurement and operations protocols. While we recognize one size never fits all in transportation, we want to deliver an out of the box solution with all the components readily available.”

NCTCOG is a collaborative planning organization centered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, serving 16 counties and more than 230 local governments including cities, special districts and school districts. It also operates the TXShare Cooperative Purchasing Program to maximize the efficiencies of public procurement and allow access to dynamic contract offerings. Craigan Johnson, Senior Purchasing Manager for NCTCOG said the contract award is a win for all involved. “The NCTCOG recognized the benefits of being able to capture and analyze WZDx data, and how such technologies will become instrumental in the safety and efficiencies of tomorrow’s roadways. Understanding that WZDx data has become instrumental for roadway users, we saw the opportunity to make these services available to any public sector agency that desires to access them.”

one.network is one of the most experienced and respected work zone data software companies in the world. Company leaders were among a small group to help frame the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) and through continued leadership of key WZDx committees, is continuing to help steer the initiative’s evolution.

The work that one.network will bring to the Dallas-Fort Worth area goes well beyond WZDx. For road agencies that need to generate and/or enrich their digital work zone data, one.network’s Traffic Management module can generate detailed information that is essential for GPS services, including the precise extent of road and lane closures, temporary speed restrictions and detour routes. one.network’s intuitive, map-based interface is simple to use and removes any technical barrier for data entry, allowing all teams within an agency to collaborate under a single operational view. In addition, one.network is bringing a full team to the effort including technical and project directors, project managers, WZDx data feed engineers and even marketing strategists.

“At one.network, we know work zones are among the most dangerous places on any road network,” said Harris. “We’re committed to driver safety and protecting the lives of workers. This agreement with NCTCOG has massive potential to do just that.”

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