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Healixa to produce device to create potable water from atmosphere

Parul Dubey on January 9, 2023 - in Drinking water, News, Products, Water

New York, NY – As many parts of the world continue to struggle with drought, Healixa is about to begin manufacturing a new device that will help provide potable water to people who live in areas with no or limited access to drinkable water.

Healixa is set to produce the four-square-foot product called The Global AquaDuct. One Global AquaDuct unit can provide 200 liters (53 gallons) of water a day out of the atmosphere using a solar panel as the energy source. The device freezes water vapor, turning it into drinkable water.

The units are much like the technology envisioned in the original Star Wars movie when Luke Skywalker and his family were “moisture farmers” on an arid planet. 

This device does not employ dehumidifying or water condensation techniques but instead freezes water vapor present in the atmosphere. This is important because testing has shown the device works in climates ranging from desert to tropical.

During the first quarter of 2023, Healixa will provide commercialization updates and technology demonstrations to international government representatives, non-government organizations, and other industry participants during an invite-only onsite tour of its development facility near Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Ian Parker, Chairman and CEO of Healixa, said: “On behalf of our management team, directors, and advisory board, we wish to acknowledge the outstanding work and dedication of our engineering teams and manufacturing partners who supported us, and we look forward to doing our part to help address the growing global water scarcity crisis.”

Christopher C. Miller, the former Acting Secretary of Defense of the United States and a member of Healixa’s advisory board, added: “Healixa’s water technology is a game changer. I served in the military and Department of Defense for 38 years and wish I had a Healixa water machine when deployed overseas. It would have revolutionized how we operated and the support we provided our partners and local populations in need. Water is a new national security priority and I’m honored and privileged to be part of Healixa’s transformative journey. They are changing the world for the better.”

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