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Leica iCON Grade iGD4SP Solution Enables Increases Speed and Precision

Matt Ball on March 6, 2014 - in Construction, Corporate, Sensors

Leica iGD4 key visualThe highly accurate and efficient iCON grade iGD4SP dozer solution calculates the lift, angle, and tilt of the dozer’s six way blade. It allows operators to angle their blade while iCON grade’s advanced hydraulic control system automatically controls the blade’s lift and tilt. As a result, dozers can now be run at the full extent of their capabilities while constantly maintaining grade. Together with SP technology, operators can operate their dozers at full speed while maintaining maximum accuracy reducing operating time and completing projects faster.

The Leica iCON grade iGD4SP assures optimal performance when handling material in grading operations and eliminates the need to rework areas thus reducing wear and tear on dozers while lowering fuel costs. By using the new dual mast GNSS configuration, operators know the machine’s exact heading and direction and can achieve the desired grade at all times while controlling material properly with less passes. Dozers using the iGD4SP solution can even be used in fine grading applications that would normally require motor graders, reducing the need for additional machines saving in operational costs for the contractor.

Designed to save money
Construction companies working with Leica iCON grade for dozers can simply expand machine capabilities as projects grow in scope and size. The patented PowerSnap technology lets users easily remove the control panel for safe overnight storage without having to disconnect bulky cables.

Leica iCON grade iGD4SP incorporates the latest in GNSS technology available today, the Leica iCON gps 80 GNSS machine receiver, which is specifically built for use in machine control systems and is seamlessly integrated into their iGD4SP system.

More efficiency through better visibility
With the new slim diameter masts and tightly coiled GNSS cables, visibility is greatly improved and operators can focus their attention where it should be: on the working area. Clear visibility of the area around the blade tips eliminates guess work and the resulting errors. This not only helps the operator to work more efficiently, but also increases the site’s safety level.

The new Leica iCON grade iGD4SP is available as of mid April. Ordering information is available from all authorised Leica Geosystems Machine Control representatives.
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Leica iCON is a pioneering, comprehensive portfolio of tailor-made positioning and measuring solutions for construction professionals. It changes the way construction tasks are performed on site by offering new technology that significantly optimizes construction workflow efficiency.

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