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Updated ASCE Standard 2 Helps Measure Oxygen Transfer Rate to Water

Parul Dubey on November 29, 2022 - in News, Water

Reston, Va. – ASCE’s newest standard, Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Clean Water, ASCE/EWRI 2–22, provides the latest methods for measuring the rate of oxygen transfer from diffused gas and mechanical oxygenation devices to water. This standard aims to be general enough to be applied to all clean water unsteady-state tests and specific enough to incorporate all essential procedures.

               An update of the 2006 version, the revisions to the mandatory requirements of this standard include use of the nonlinear least squares estimates for parameter fitting, the need to correct and report results to a common TSS level, and acceptance of a nitrogen gas method for deoxygenation. A new commentary provides a detailed description of a supersaturated oxygen desorption method.

Engineers working on specifications for compliance testing by manufacturers will benefit from this standard. It is also applicable to laboratory scale oxygenation devices with water volumes of a few gallons, as well as to full-scale systems with water volumes typical of those found in the activated sludge wastewater treatment process.

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