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Rx Networks Announces GLONASS Support for XYBRID Cloud

Matt Ball on February 25, 2014 - in Corporate, Sensors

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced GLONASS support for XYBRID Cloud, scheduled for release on May 30, 2014. With GLONASS support, XYBRID Cloud extends its indoor positioning capability and improves accuracy in the most challenging indoor conditions.

XYBRID Cloud is a cloud-based hosted location service that applies the power of cloud processing to determine a location even when only a few snapshots of weak GNSS signals are available. By taking advantage of both GPS and GLONASS satellites, XYBRID Cloud brings its current sub-10m positioning to settings even deeper indoors.

“Reliable and accurate GNSS positioning indoors depends on being able to choose the best out of a set of degraded satellite signals,“ said Guylain Roy MacHabée, CEO. “The addition of GLONASS gives XYBRID Cloud more options to choose from, which proves to significantly benefit accurate indoor positioning.”

Particularly well suited for the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, XYBRID Cloud can enable indoor devices like routers, small cells, and other infrastructure to become location aware. Once devices know their location, this information can be used as a reference to other devices, such as smartphones for indoor positioning. By eliminating the human factor in recording the location of devices, XYBRID Cloud is a useful tool for inventory management, theft recovery, and optimization.

XYBRID Cloud is being demonstrated this week at Rx Networks’ booth at Mobile World Congress, hall 7, booth N60. The service is available for evaluation by RF front end, baseband and GNSS chipset vendors interested in joining the XYBRID Cloud launch program.

About Tecterra Inc.

The XYBRID Cloud solution has been developed with funding support from TECTERRA Inc., a national organization supporting Canadian companies in the development and commercialization of innovative geomatics technology solutions. For more information, visit http://www.tecterra.com.

About Rx Networks Inc.


We are a mobile positioning technology company. We don’t do hardware, GPS or sensor chips; we don’t do mobile apps and we don’t do maps either. Yet, we empower all those who do! We develop ingenious hybrid positioning solutions that unify GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor signals for an unmatched mobile location user experience

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