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Worldsensing Acquires Bitcarrier to Become World-leader in Smart Cities Traffic Management

Matt Ball on February 24, 2014 - in Corporate, Smart Cities

Worldsensing, a Smart City pioneer with the largest smart parking footprint to-date, has announced the acquisition of Bitcarrier, a world-leader in traffic flux and journey time monitoring. Concluded in the early hours of February 24th for an undisclosed sum, this strategic acquisition allows Worldsensing to further consolidate the world-leading position of its Traffic Division with an unprecedented smart traffic management platform.

Bitcarrier’s journey time monitoring technology complements Worldsensing’s intelligent parking system Fastprk as well as the intelligent car counting system of Worldsensing’s subsidiary Sensefields. This allows the company to offer the most complete traffic monitoring platform worldwide, enabling it to monitor, cross-correlate and optimize both static parking traffic and dynamic driving traffic in a single platform with unique return-of-investment propositions to its rapidly growing base of customers.

Beyond the technological offering with strong IPR, Bitcarrier opens the doors to new markets such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Finland, adding to Worldsensing’s growing international footprint in countries like USA, Russia and China.

Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO of Worldsensing, is delighted with this acquisition as it is “a strategic opportunity to consolidate our Traffic Division and enables the company to incorporate a great team which, undoubtedly, will open new markets and unprecedented opportunities.” To Martin Mendez, founder of Bitcarrier, “the inclusion of our company within Worldsensing allows capitalizing on their solid sales structure and quickly growing customer base.”

About Bitcarrier
Bitcarrier, founded in 2006 in Barcelona and a pioneer in its field, uses a strongly protected technology based on wireless sensors which scan Bluetooth and Wifi signals sent by mobile devices found inside vehicles within both urban and interurban environments. By using this anonymized data, the system provides information about traffic flux and journey time in real time which enables, for instance, the optimal management of traffic depending on where the most congested areas are. Bitcarrier’s technology has been installed along 1,500 km of highways in Southern Europe and is currently providing real time traffic information in world capitals such as Barcelona, Panama City, Sydney, Paris, Helsinki and Buenos Aires.

About Worldsensing
Worldsensing, founded in 2008 and based in London and Barcelona, has become a market leader in innovative wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. Its Industrial Division, offering wireless monitoring solutions for civil infrastructures, along with its Traffic Division, holding a unique traffic management offer for Smart Cities, have allowed the company to become one of the foremost technological companies in the respective markets. It has the largest smart parking rollout footprint worldwide, with tens of thousands of sensors deployed in Moscow alone. Worldsensing is one of the 17 companies that, according to Pike Research, shape the Smart City ecosystem.

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