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New Soil Connect Marketplace Website Is Faster, More Intuitive

Parul Dubey on October 6, 2022 - in News, Technology

NEW YORK – Soil Connect the award-winning online soil and aggregate marketplace has unveiled their new faster and more efficient marketplace website at www.Marketplace.SoilConnect.com. The industry’s first free materials marketplace created by building professionals for building professionals, Soil Connect Marketplace features a proprietary matching algorithm that matches users who have materials available with those looking for the same.  In addition to saving time, Marketplace allows users to find materials like soil and aggregate closer to where they are needed, saving substantially on trucking costs, and significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Users can sign up and post for free. A QuickStart program allows users to claim their digital storefront which provides immediate access to thousands of prospective customers. 

 “The new Marketplace website makes finding or disposing of soil and aggregates faster and easier than ever before,” said Soil Connect Founder Cliff Fetner.  “Each day users are making local connections and finding materials closer to where they are needed, thus saving time and money.  With rising fuel costs and scarce labor, enhancing efficiency is vital to success on the jobsite.”

For more information on the Soil Connect Marketplace website, visit www.Marketplace.SoilConnect.com.

In addition, the new Marketplace website also provides information on other Soil Connect capabilities, including their e-ticketing and e-regulatory products. 


The innovative e-ticketing platform, e-Tickets, captures, tracks, and shares the details of hauling materials from one site to another electronically.  Eliminating the paper tickets frees drivers from administrative tasks, saves time and money, and increases real-time visibility into job status.  A 14-day free trial is available with the click of a button.


The patent-pending eRegulatory module captures and saves essential truck, load, and route data, making it easy to share with regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.  This exclusive platform stores and keeps track of all manifests while turn-by-turn tracking establishes a chain of custody which protects assets and minimizes risk.   Obtaining electronic signatures keeps drivers safely and productively in their vehicles.   A “request a demonstration” button allows viewers to schedule a demonstration of this time-saving feature for regulated loads.

About Soil Connect

Soil Connect is the first and only institutionally backed digital marketplace focused on the soil and aggregates industry. The platform was created to solve the high costs and inefficiencies associated with the transport and management of soil, aggregates and other materials. Founded by third-generation builder and developer Cliff Fetner, the platform connects those who have soil, aggregates and other building materials with those who need it. The marketplace offers a seamless and streamlined solution for excavators, contractors, developers, landscapers and other building professionals to network and transact with one another while saving time and money and positively impacting the environment.

eTickets is a contactless, easy-to-use e-ticketing platform designed to eliminate the use of paper tickets and allow users to easily capture customer information, type of truck, destination, pictures, eSignatures, type of material, load count and more. eTickets provides a better ticket management solution for any industry that hauls and manages loads. Eliminating the human error associated with traditional paper tickets and ultimately helping contractors get paid faster. More information is available at  www.soilconnect.com.


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