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Together, Blyncsy and Rekor Systems will bring AI and real time insights to roadways across the country

Parul Dubey on October 4, 2022 - in Corporate, News, Technology

Blyncsy and Rekor Systems (“Rekor”) announced they are partnering to utilize AI-powered detection of roadway assets to enhance Rekor’s Roadway Monitoring & Response Platform. By integrating Blyncsy’s real-time automated detections into Rekor’s roadway management platform, Rekor will increase visibility into the state of incidents to respond quickly and efficiently, thus increasing roadway safety.

Blyncsy’s Payver technology utilizes crowdsourced imagery from dash cameras that are already inside hundreds of thousands of cars on roadways. By uploading and segmenting images using machine learning algorithms, Payver is able to automatically detect any safety critical issue. Whether there’s debris in the road or a damaged crash cushion, Payver will automatically detect and notify systems, giving users actionable insights. 

Rekor’s Roadway Monitoring and Response platform provides traffic departments with incident detection, real-time coordination, and proactive crash mitigation. The platform uses machine learning and other predictive analytics to automatically identify incidents and highlight roadway zones at risk. Payver’s insights will be added to these real-time and automated alerts.

Blyncsy was one of four recent companies to join Rekor’s Partner Network. “Over the last five years, Rekor has established important alliances with technology partners who have collaborated with the company to bring value to customers around the globe. The creation of the Rekor Partner Network formalizes a deeper collaboration between public agencies and the private sector and unlocks an ever-growing number of opportunities to drive impact and outcomes for both partners and customers,” said Paul-Matthew Zamsky, VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Rekor.

By partnering, Blyncsy and Rekor plan to bring more value to their customers, using industry leading imagery and AI to understand incidents on our roadways and deliver a smarter, safer way to manage roadway incidents.

“Safety is key and Vision Zero is the goal here. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with a company who believes in technological innovations to increase safety. Partnering with companies who want to innovate towards safer, smarter, and greener roadways is extremely exciting. We can’t wait to build a better world through data,” said Mark Pittman, founder and CEO of Blyncsy.

This partnership will allow for more efficient roadway management and help prepare for the future of transportation.

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