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Hong Kong Housing Authority Launches Enhanced Drawing Management System Based on Bentley’s ProjectWise

Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) has launched a new drawing management system based on Bentley’s ProjectWise system of collaboration servers and services. The new system was developed by HKHA for use by MicroStation users at its Estate Management Division, AutoCAD users at its Development and Construction Division, and non-CAD users at its Independent Checking Unit. It provides a common platform to support daily operations, including drawing production and management, as well as cross-divisional functions such as e-transfer, file sharing, and handover. It also supports remote access from three regional management offices and HKHA headquarters within specified performance requirements.

The system was implemented by Global Technology Integrator Ltd. and Bentley using the process-based PRINCE2 methodology for effective project management. With the new drawing management system, 1,000 users of different file formats, including DGN, DWG, PDF, and Microsoft Office files, can now more efficiently collaborate in a single, secure environment and quickly and easily navigate the files using a web browser. The new system has the potential to extend and include Building Information Modeling and provide the ability to interface with mobile devices, further enhancing HKHA’s productivity.

About the Hong Kong Housing Authority
The Hong Kong Housing Authority is responsible for the development and implementation of a public housing program which seeks to achieve the government’s policy objective of meeting the housing needs of people who cannot afford private rental housing. It plans, builds, manages, and maintains different types of public housing, including rental housing, interim housing, and transit centres. In addition, the HKHA owns and operates flatted factories and ancillary commercial and other nondomestic facilities, and supports the government’s policy in providing subsidised home ownership flats to qualified persons. For additional information on HKHA, visit www.housingauthority.gov.hk.

About ProjectWise
ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for AECO information for the design and construction of infrastructure projects while the work is in progress. The system provides secure and managed work sharing, content reuse, and dynamic feedback capabilities including review, mark-up, clash resolution, visualisation, automated publishing, and more. Deployed in 92 countries, ProjectWise is the system of choice for 24 of the ENR Top 25 Design Firms, 42 of the ENR Top 50 Design Firms, 72 of the ENR Top 100 Design Firms, 29 of the ENR Top 50 Design-Build Firms, 234 of the Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners, and the majority of U.S. state departments of transportation. For additional information about ProjectWise, visit www.Bentley.com/ProjectWise.

About Bentley Systems, Incorporated
Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley’s mission is to empower its users to leverage information modelling through integrated projects for high-performing intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modelling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations – all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services. Founded in 1984, Bentley has grown to nearly 3,000 colleagues in more than 45 countries and over $500 million (USD) in annual revenues. Since 2003, the company has invested more than $1 billion (USD) in research, development, and acquisitions.

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