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WSP USA Offers Mobility Marketplace Service

Parul Dubey on September 7, 2022 - in News, Technology, Transportation

Allows transportation agencies to implement a single payment system for mobility services to reduce cost, increase revenue and create efficiencies that better meet diverse customer needs.


NEW YORK — WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy, is now offering its Mobility Marketplace – a full suite of integrated services to help transportation agencies solve their modern transportation challenges using Future Ready® technology.

“The Mobility Marketplace will integrate a network of disparate mobility services into one efficient, usable platform for busy people on the move,” said Patrick McGowan, WSP USA mobility operations director and senior vice president. “Imagine being able to plan, reserve and pay for your travel combining multiple modes into one transaction. For our clients – such as departments of transportation, tolling authorities or transit agencies – this can help them realize reduced administrative costs; combine systems; achieve economies of scale; and provide better, faster and more reliable services to their customers.”

Implemented and operated by the comprehensive expertise of WSP’s multidisciplinary teams, the Mobility Marketplace consolidates a variety of mobility services for selected transportation modes and services: tolling, transit, ferry, road usage charging, managed lanes, congestion pricing, parking, pay-as-you-drive registration, pay-as-you-drive insurance, carsharing, ride hailing, micromobility, taxi, electric vehicle charging stations, and trip planning and booking services.

Mobility services are combined into one program management office, allowing seamless delivery of diverse travel needs in all administrative, strategic, delivery and operational functions. Multiple transaction providers are also consolidated into one system, which allows for enhanced incentive programs to better balance individual travel decisions with societal use system requirements.

By partnering with private sector services, such as shared mobility and microtransit providers, WSP’s Mobility Marketplace allows public agencies to extend their ability to meet their goals and objectives without burdening taxpayers, while transportation agencies will benefit from developing proof of concepts and pilot deployments to test new ideas, refine services and ensure best-in-class service for their customers.

Traditional infrastructure – such as revenue collection and intelligent transportation systems – are incorporated with new programmatic solutions for an enhanced, tailored customer experience. Services are refined and enhanced continuously based on data from real life customer interactions, using a combination of artificial intelligence learning and data aggregated from various points throughout the transportation system.

“WSP’s Mobility Marketplace offers our transportation clients a comprehensive vision for how mobility in the 21st century can better align with customer desires and needs to enhance our economy, quality of life and travel outcomes,” said McGowan. Visit the WSP Mobility Marketplace web page for more information.


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