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Critigen Delivers Proprietary System to Assess and Minimize Severe Weather Impact on Mortgage Portfolios

Matt Ball on February 13, 2014 - in Analysis, Corporate, Emergency

Safeguard Properties today announced the launch of its proprietary MapAlert ™ system that integrates weather data with property condition and inspection data, enabling mortgage clients to quickly assess the potential for damages to properties in their portfolios and take appropriate actions to protect properties in targeted zones, mitigate damages and initiate outreach to troubled borrowers.

In partnership with Safeguard, Critigen designed, developed, and deployed Safeguard’s MapAlert ™ and is providing rapid map-based identification of impending or past natural disaster risk across millions of properties within Safeguard’s portfolio. Designed and built as a spatial extension to Safeguard’s existing client portal (CARDS), MapAlert ™ will leverage data feeds such as national and regional weather, post-disaster aerial images, crime statistics, and others. Critigen’s approach to the MapAlert ™ enabled the use of geospatial processing to provide push notification alerts of impending risks and enable queries of property by loan type, vacancy status, and other parameters so risk profiles by property can be quickly identified. Ultimately MapAlert ™ will serve to advance Safeguard’s ability and client service around property value protection. MapAlert ™ is also integrated with Safeguard’s mobile platform (INSPI Mobile) which enables weather data to be combined with recent property inspection data, this combination is powerful.

“This is the first property management technology that combines external weather data with property inspection condition results so that clients can be as general or as specific as they choose to evaluate and make decisions about their nationwide property portfolios,” said George Mehok, Safeguard’s Chief Information Officer. “It is capable of tracking millions of properties and analyzing hundreds of variables for any potential weather event, so clients can monitor many different ‘what if’ scenarios in preparation for the unpredictable.”

Critigen’s CEO, Jim Eberle, commented on Critigen’s involvement in shaping Safeguard’s MapAlert ™ solution. “We are proud of our team’s hands-on ability to deliver this critical business system to support Safeguard and their financial industry clients. The teamwork between both organizations was outstanding and Critigen’s legacy in geospatial systems integration and innovation made us a great fit for this partnership.”

About Critigen:

Critigen is a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator driving business performance through spatial IT solutions and managed IT services. Critigen helps clients make spatial technologies “work” in organizations of all sizes, integrates spatial technologies with enterprise systems, and enables field users with mobile spatial solutions.

With global reach, top-tier partnerships and a full-lifecycle approach, Critigen delivers all components of a geospatial program: data collection, spatial processing, analytics and intelligence, application development, mobile solution development, hosting and Cloud services. Critigen’s Spatial Enterprise consulting services tie these technology and process components together with business strategies that maximize the value of geospatial information.

About Safeguard:

Safeguard Properties is the largest mortgage field service company in the U.S. Founded in 1990 by Robert Klein and based in Valley View, Ohio, the company inspects and maintains defaulted properties for mortgage service companies, lenders, investors and other financial institutions. Safeguard employs approximately 1,700 people, in addition to a network of thousands of contractors nationally. Website: http://www.safeguardproperties.com.

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