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Modern Water Appoints New General Manager For US Operations

Parul Dubey on August 31, 2022 - in News, People

~Rachel Kay Set to Lead Company Growth in U.S. as Market Surges for Water Quality Monitoring Equipment~

New Castle, Delaware -With the US market for water quality monitoring equipment expected to surge to USD 1.21 billion by 2026, Modern Water today announces a key appointment to support the growing demand for its fully-integrated, high-tech water quality monitoring solutions. Rachel Kay, a life-long Delaware resident, has been named General Manager and will be based in Modern Water’s US headquarters in New Castle, Delaware.

The first company to make automatic, truly continuous on-line water quality testing a reality, Modern Water is the environmental division of UK based Deepverge (AIM:DVRG) and has been a global leader in water quality and safety monitoring solutions for more than 30 years.

Ms. Kay brings to her new position over 20 years of industry experience in construction, manufacturing and finance. Most recently she served two years as  Modern Water’s Financial Controller, where she was responsible for site management, liaison between Modern Water and Deepverge, as well as the financial growth and strengthening of the company. As General Manager, Ms. Kay will be responsible for all US operations.

Gerard Brandon, Deepverge CEO, noted that, “Modern Water’s Microtox® technology has been the gold standard for testing water toxicity for thirty eight years. We are excited to have Ms. Kay on board in Delaware, as we ramp up our operations to meet growing demand for our fully-integrated solutions for monitoring water quality and safety.” 

Brandon added that Modern Water has also recently appointed water industry expert Jon Shepherd as EU/UK Business Development Manager and has plans to hire additional development and engineering professionals in both the UK and the US to manage its increased business and support the company’s global growth.

Modern Water recently announced that its fully integrated Microtox® solutions have been chosen to monitor the water supply in Qatar ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Microtox CTM is a site-based continuous toxicity monitor giving real-time feedback on the state of water health at the source. It includes software that can detect more than 2,700 dangerous pathogens and is a regulatory-approved early warning system.

For more information, please visit: https://www.modernwater.com.

About Deepverge

Deepverge is an environmental and life science group of companies that develops and applies AI and IoT technology to analytical instruments for the analysis and identification of bacteria, viruses and toxins. Utilizing artificial intelligent data analytics to scientifically prove the impact of skincare product claims on the skin microbiome for most of the top 20 global cosmetic companies.

About Modern Water

Modern Water can remotely detect and identify in real-time, dangerous pathogens in wastewater treatment plants, drinking water, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

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