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Shaper Launches Studio – A Simplified Design Tool for Craftspeople

Parul Dubey on August 24, 2022 - in News, Products, Technology

Become a Designer with Just a Few Clicks – Perfect for Laser Cutters, Cricut or CNC Machines


San Francisco, Stuttgart, Germany  — Shaper Tools, the San Francisco-based woodworking and robotics company, announced the launch of Studio, an exciting new simplified design tool for craftspeople. Studio is compatible with Glowforge, Cricut or CNC machines. 

“One of the biggest challenges for craftspeople looking to work with digital tools like a laser cutter, 3D printer or CNC machine, is creating the digital files these tools rely on,” said Joe Hebenstreit, CEO of Shaper. “What may be a simple sketch of an idea with pencil and paper can require hours or days of work to transfer to a sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) program. Shaper Studio works on any device, doesn’t require any CAD experience, and is like having a full design studio in your pocket.”

Shaper Studio is a simplified 2D design tool that focuses on features that matter most to craftspeople, short circuiting the path from idea to production, and omitting the unnecessary and confusing features that have crept into one-size-fits-all design software. Simply put, Studio helps users spend more time making and less time fussing with a computer. Studio can be used with any device and provides access to more than 3 million pre-made designs or allows the user to quickly and easily create their own designs with the Shape Shifter tool. When done with the design, Studio quickly exports the file to Shaper Origin or other design tools.

“Studio is perfect for the traditional woodworker, who is familiar with analog making techniques, but has no idea where to start with digital design and fabrication,” noted Joe Hebenstreit. “It is also a great tool for the modern maker and Etsy crafter, who use digital fabrication tools, but want to take their designs to the next level.”

In 2018, Shaper launched Origin—the world’s first handheld CNC router. Since then, Shaper has been on a mission to make precision cutting easy and accessible to craftspeople everywhere. With the launch of Shaper Plate, its new universal template for Origin, and now Shaper Studio, Shaper is again demonstrating how intuitive digital workflows can integrate with, and aid, traditional workshops. 

Shaper Studio is $99 a year and users get unlimited access to fonts and artwork, plus some really powerful editing features like Studio’s ShapeShifter—the intuitive shape combination tool that further speeds up the design process—along with the ability to save and export an SVG file. Studio syncs directly to Shaper Origin, or can be used with other digital fabrication tools like vinyl cutters or laser cutters. A free 14-day trial allows users to test out the fully featured Studio product. Studio is web-based, making it easy to produce and edit designs on your phone, tablet, or computer.  A free Studio Lite version will also be available and released in mid-September.

To learn more about Studio or start a free trial, visit shapertools.com/studio.

Shaper Tools is a San Francisco-based woodworking and robotics company making precision cutting easy and accessible to craftspeople around the world. With offices in Stuttgart, Germany, Shaper is part of the family-owned, century-old TTS group, and sits alongside other sister companies Festool, Saw Stop, Tanos and others revolutionizing the power tool industry with products like Studio and Plate. To learn more about Shaper, visit shapertools.com or on Facebook and Instagram @ShaperTools.

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