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Syrinix Adds East and West Coast Distributors

Parul Dubey on August 22, 2022 - in Corporate, News

Partners target wastewater monitoring to protect critical ecosystems


HENDERSON, Nev. – Syrinix, a market leader in water and wastewater monitoring solutions, expands its footprint with the addition of two new distributors: Environmental MD (EMD) and Whitney Equipment Company, Inc. (WECI). Covering four states in the eastern and western US respectively, the new partnerships will apply smart water solutions to solve challenges shared coast to coast, including reducing non-revenue water loss and protecting aquatic life from harmful wastewater spills. 

“EMD and WECI understand the importance of helping customers extend the life of their assets while simultaneously protecting the environment,” said Syrinix CEO James Dunning. “The compatibility of their company ethos with Syrinix’s vision of a sustainable, water-efficient future is a perfect match. We look forward to the positive change our companies can bring to communities across the country.” 

EMD serves the private and municipal marketplace in Florida, where force main breaks are a growing concern for utilities statewide due to variables such: as aging infrastructure, growing population and extreme weather events. When wastewater discharges into lakes, streams, bays and the ocean, utilities incur fines from the state. It also wreaks havoc on ecosystems and public health. The partners will launch their first project this month following a series of bursts impacting local waterways.  

“Water main and force main breaks are a growing issue in Florida,” said Girard Mitchell, EMD president and co-founder. “We like the Syrinix product offering, because it can help utilities minimize these events and protect infrastructure.”

WECI’s territory extends across Washington, Oregon and western Idaho, another region marked by aging infrastructure. It plans to use Syrinix technology to reduce non-revenue water loss as many parts of its region face historic drought conditions. The company will also install monitors to eliminate wastewater spills in critical salmon spawning areas. 

“We are super excited to be partnering up with Syrinix to bring this state-of-the-art technology and analysis to our clients,” said Jason Morse, WECI vice president of sales. “Our clients need a better picture of how their systems are reacting, and Syrinix has a solution that delivers impressive results.” 

Syrinix technology has been proven to help extend the life of water infrastructure assets and solve the underlying problems that lead to pipeline failure. For over 16 years, Syrinix has been trusted by some of the largest water utilities in the world to monitor and analyse their water networks. The combination of network monitoring equipment with a cloud-based data platform, expert advisory analysis, and management services proves critical in even the most modernized systems.

About Syrinix 

Syrinix is an award-winning global market leader in providing high-resolution data-led insights for utility networks. PIPEMINDER-ONE series of water and wastewater monitoring solutions, the RADAR cloud-based network analysis platform, and Syrinix Intelligence analysis and consultancy services all help cost-conscious utilities move network management from reactive to proactive, improving performance, saving time and money. Syrinix is committed to a more sustainable future and a member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative working to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


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