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WSP USA to Manage World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Underground Storage Project

Parul Dubey on July 20, 2022 - in Energy, News, Renewables

WSP will manage engineering, procurement and construction of an advanced clean energy storage project in Utah for the Magnum Development and Mitsubishi Power Joint Venture.


SALT LAKE CITY — WSP USA was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction management contract (EPCM) for the underground storage portion and related surface facilities of a major clean energy storage infrastructure to build the world’s largest green hydrogen production and storage facility.

WSP was selected by a joint venture between Magnum Development and Mitsubishi Power to lead all EPCM phases of the ACES Delta underground storage facility in Utah, beginning with Phase I, which consists of the developing two large salt caverns capable of holding a total of 11,000 metric tons of hydrogen.

The firm will also be responsible for the solution mining infrastructure, water and power supply facilities, brine management, and will assist with environmental compliance for the energy hub.

The ACES Delta project involves converting renewable power into green hydrogen that can be stored in commercial-scale solution mined caverns. When completed it will provide 100 percent clean energy seasonal storage capabilities, thereby deploying technologies and strategies essential to a decarbonized future for the western U.S. power grid.

“Green hydrogen is the new frontier in renewables,” said Andres Fernandez, national hydrogen market lead for WSP, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy. “Green hydrogen is particularly unique because it only uses renewable sources combined with advance technology in electrolysis to generate hydrogen. WSP is honored to be part of an innovative team that will deliver the next generation of renewable energy and drive the green energy transition.”

ACES Delta will capture intermittent renewable generation and shape the product into reliable and dispatchable electricity, making the project’s seasonal storage capabilities ideal for integrating renewable energy facilities with the existing energy infrastructure. Each cavern will hold the equivalent of 150 gigawatt hours (GWh) of carbon-free dispatchable energy, which is equivalent to 40,000 megawatts of lithium ion batteries. This stored green hydrogen becomes an energy reserve that can be released to produce fuel for electric power generation at any time.

The overall project will enhance grid reliability and efficiency through optimization of existing transmission line loads, while creating the ability to move excess generation from highly productive renewable energy generation months with little electric load to cover demand during high-load periods. It also reduces the need to overbuild renewables and new transmission assets.

The massive natural geological salt formation is adjacent to the Intermountain Power Project (IPP) near Delta, with transmission interconnections to major demand centers throughout the west and significant renewable energy resource opportunities in the region.

“Using salt caverns for seasonal energy storage is a significant opportunity to empower hydrogen as an energy carrier and significantly expand energy storage resources throughout the U.S.,” Fernandez said. “This will further support the increased build-out of renewable energy thus reducing America’s carbon footprint. WSP is leveraging decades of experience in underground storage experience to provide a full suite of services around the hydrogen economy. This project reinforces WSP’s leadership in underground storage and positions the company to become a key player in developing hydrogen hubs.”

After nearly two years of engineering effort, WSP is grateful for the opportunity to support ACES Delta for the project execution phase and contribute to the advancement of the hydrogen economy in the U.S., at a time when the industry is poised for significant growth. This project consolidates WSP global leadership in underground liquid and gas storage facilities, including hydrogen, and aligns with WSP’s mission to help its clients and communities become Future Ready®.


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