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Digital Inclusion: How does your city score?

Matt Ball on February 3, 2014 - in Projects, Smart Cities

One of the requirements on any smart city to-do list is to make digital inclusion a priority. That’s why we thought the digital inclusion checklist from the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) is so worth sharing.

Developed in collaboration with partners from across government, private, voluntary and public sectors, the checklist is intended as a guide for organizations involved in helping people go online. Or as the GDS puts it, “if you’re doing these things, you’re doing digital inclusion.”

The six items on the checklist are:

1.  Start with user needs – not our own

2.  Improve access – stop making things difficult

3.  Motivate people – find something they care about

4.  Keep it safe – build trust

5.  Work with others – don’t do it alone

6.  Focus on wider outcomes – measure performance

But there’s a whole lot more to this task-oriented checklist. It also includes examples of programs that have successfully promoted digital inclusion – for instance, the Lambeth Council’s Digital Buddies program that has community volunteers helping people learn basic online skills. Or there’s the partnership between the Glasgow Housing Association, Scottish Government and BT that is providing affordable broadband to tenants of a social housing complex. Better still, it suggests steps other agencies could take to initiative similar programs. Read more here

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