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Phase One and Trimble Announce Collaboration to Streamline High Quality Photogrammetric Workflow

Parul Dubey on July 5, 2022 - in Corporate, News

July 5, 2022—Phase One, a pioneering provider of professional aerial cameras, announced a collaboration with Trimble, a leading provider of software and hardware in the geospatial market. A new integration between Phase One and Trimble® Inpho® Suite, will simplify the process to transform raw images into final mapping products. The support of Phase One’s proprietary raw data format, IIQ, directly from their cameras streamlines the production process, increasing customer productivity, and enables the creation of highly accurate photogrammetric deliverables.

“Trimble Inpho photogrammetry software is known as a package for high precision and productivity. The collaboration allows users to combine outstanding photogrammetric software and best-in-class cameras with a seamless integrated workflow that will minimize the overall processing time significantly and simplify the complete process for aerial mapping,” said Poul Nørgård, Geo Strategic Advisor at Phase One.

“Phase One cameras are widely used by Trimble customers due to their precisely integrated sensors and high image quality. Integrating the Phase One cameras into the Trimble Inpho workflow enables users to incorporate any system and increase productivity through speeding up the raw image data import throughout a workflow. This simplification will also be beneficial for customers, especially in the surveying and construction industries, who are using the Trimble Business Center (TBC) Photogrammetry module,” said Dr. Mohsen Miri, Product Manager of Trimble Photogrammetry.

“Trimble is a major player in the industry with proven surveying technology, and we are thrilled to partner to integrate raw image data to create a more seamless workflow and enable our customers to save significant time on processing assets, therefore improving productivity and reducing cost,” said Anthony Garetto, Chief Product Officer at Phase One.

Trimble® Inpho® Photogrammetry Software

With more than 40 years of experience and pioneering in the imagery world, Trimble has been providing the photogrammetry market with innovative products to transform aerial images into consistent and accurate point clouds, digital surface models and orthophotos. Inpho software solutions are suitable for any photogrammetry camera on the market, allowing project managers from a diverse range of industries to benefit from a seamless workflow and high-quality results.



Phase One

Phase One–a pioneer of digital imaging sensors and airborne systems for the Geo market and the largest provider of aerial cameras based on a long tradition for outstanding image quality and reliable sensors. Founded in 1993, Phase One is a pioneer of digital photography. Phase One has developed core imaging technologies and a range of digital cameras and imaging modules, providing the world’s highest image quality in terms of resolution, dynamic range, color fidelity and geometric accuracy. As such, Phase One has grown to become the leading provider of high-end imaging technology across many demanding business segments, such as aerial mapping, industrial inspection and cultural heritage digitization, as well as serving the world’s most demanding photographers.




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