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Air-Connected Mobility introduces its “Decisive Impact” eBook to help local governments become Smart Cities

Parul Dubey on June 23, 2022 - in News

Giulio Bolzon, Digital Strategy Lead at Air-Connected Mobility


The second eBook in the Smart Cities series highlights the power of data to increase efficiency and productivity in local and city government

Milan – Air-Connected Mobility today launches a new eBook, entitled “Decisive Impact: Smart Choices for Tomorrow’s Smart Cities”, the second in the “Smart City Series”, which aims to help public sector bodies from small towns to large cities, to exploit mobility data and its analysis as a basis for making informed and objective decisions. The eBook illustrates how mobility data can help use limited public funds more efficiently, planning interventions and improvements of urban infrastructures more effectively.

From the introduction of new technologies such as Vehicle-to-Everything, to the planning of intermodal transport routes, right up to giving appropriate priority to interventions and increasing the safety of citizens, Mobilitech, a science created to interpret mobility data, is ready to support local government bodies in projects that are as urgent as they are ambitious.

This pragmatic eBook explores the different applications of data analysis in the public sector, illustrating them via various case studies from major European Smart Cities. From the improvement of cycle paths in Copenhagen, to the innovative data collection and analysis system implemented by the Spanish city of Santander, to the planning of an efficient public transport network in Manchester, mobility data plays a critical role in reducing costs and increasing city safety and efficiency.

This eBook explores the transformative potential of mobility data for Smart and aspiring Smart Cities, and identifies possible areas of application of data analysis, specifically focusing on:

  • V2X: infrastructures and vehicles
  • Intermodal transport routes
  • Historical data
  • Greater efficiency from suppliers
  • Decide between different interventions
  • Safety

To request your copy of the ebook email: [email protected]

Giulio Bolzon, Digital Strategy Lead at Air-Connected Mobility, comments: “The potential that can be unleashed by implementing mobility data analysis within municipalities, provinces and regions is endless. The benefits are not exclusively for administrators, who will be able to reduce costs, improve efficiency and access a detailed snapshot of their area, but also for citizens, who will enjoy more safety, less inconvenience and access to more efficient and constantly improving services. Via this eBook, local administrations will become familiar with mobility technology, discovering tangible and consolidated applications that can easily be adapted and customized according to their specific needs.”

Air-Connected Mobility

Air-Connected Mobility provides the only end-to-end view of mobility data, for individual drivers, fleet managers, dealers and city and local government. Air is a visionary company with the objective of improving mobility on wheels by making it safer, more efficient and respectful of both citizens and the environment.

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