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COBOD partners with nidus3D for distribution of 3D printing technology in Canada

Parul Dubey on June 22, 2022 - in Corporate, News

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  • COBOD announces distribution agreement with nidus3D to bring multifunctional construction robots based on 3D printing to Canada
  • nidus3D recently built Canada’s first 3D printed multi-unit residential building, fully permitted for occupancy, and North America’s first 3D construction project to use real concrete 

Danish-based COBOD International signs a distribution agreement with nidus3D (based in Canada) in a partnership to bring 3D construction printing technology to Canada and strengthen building automation in North America.

3D printing technology has transformed processes in medical, aerospace, and tool-making fields. Now, that same disruption is being brought to the construction sector, and nidus3D is at the forefront, paving the way for new builds to be achieved faster, more affordably, and with less waste, using COBOD technology.

As a testament to their ambitions, nidus3D has recently succeeded 3D printing Canada’s first multi-unit structure in real concrete using COBOD’s BOD2, the world’s best-selling 3D construction printer. The project is a first-of-its-kind consisting of four units each measuring 560 ft2 and is the first 3D printed home to obtain permission for occupancy in Canada. The 3D printed homes are expected to be available by Summer 2022 for families seeking attainable housing

“The opportunity to work with COBOD, world leader in 3DCP is incredible,” said Ian Arthur, President of nidus3D. “The BOD2 printer is an industry-leading construction printer that outstrips competitors in its versatility, scope, and durability. nidus3D is actively deploying 3D construction printing technology to lower building costs and expand access to resilient, efficient, and sustainable housing while complying with Canadian building standards.”

Commenting on signing nidus3D as a distributor, Philip Lund-Nielsen, Co-Founder & Head of Americas at COBOD International said, “We are proud to be partnering with nidus3D to bring our state-of-the-art 3D construction printing technology to Canada, further solidifying our position as the #1 supplier in North America. With their recent project, nidus3D successfully demonstrates how our technology can be applied to build faster, better, and cheaper as our partners learn to master the 3D printing technology.”

nidus3D reports to have multiple residential and non-residential buildings lined up for 2022 and 2023, these are subject to announcement at a later stage.

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About nidus3D

nidus3D is a strategic partner and distributor of COBOD BOD2 printers based out of Kingston, Ontario. With experience in construction, lean manufacturing, and public affairs, the team at nidus3D is actively deploying 3DCP (3D Construction Printing) technology to lower building costs and increase access to housing that is resilient, efficient, and sustainable, all while complying with Canadian building standards. 

Visit nidus3D.com for more information.

About COBOD International

COBOD is the World’s leading supplier of 3D printers for the construction industry, with strategic investors GE Renewable Energy (USA) and PERI (Germany). COBOD’s mission is to disrupt the global construction industry through world-class multifunctional construction robots based on 3D printing systems. Faster. Better. Cheaper. The company 3D printed Europe’s first building in 2017. Subsequently the first 2- and 3-story buildings in Belgium and Germany were made with COBOD technology. The first villa in Dubai and the first buildings in Africa have also been done by COBOD 3D construction printers, like the first wind turbine bases. 

COBOD has an open-source strategy, partnering with customers, academic institutions, and suppliers around the world. Its partners include GE (USA), CEMEX (Mexico), PERI (Germany), Holcim (Switzerland), Dar Al Arkan (Saudi Arabia), L&T Construction (India), and JGC (Japan). COBOD’s vision is to see buildings and concrete structures in every city around the world made by multifunctional construction robots. COBOD is headquartered in Denmark, employs of 90+ highly competent colleagues from 25 nationalities, and has a truly global presence in North- and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. 

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