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Navigate 3D City Data via an App

Matt Ball on May 29, 2012 - in Projects, Smart Cities

A new 3D-GIS in the Cloud application of iPad and smartphones provides a means to navigate 3D city data. The application provides the means to visualize and collaborate in both the field and in office environments, extending GIS capabilities to the field and to non-technical users.

The system supports existing GIS spatial data from various files (e.g. Shapefile, GDB, Multipatch, GeoTiff, ECW, GML, SDF, WMF, WFS) and database sources (e.g. ArcSDE, SQL Server, Oracle). Each data source is rendered and handled as an independent layer within the 3D model.

View the video below for more details on the new application.

Visit the company website for more information: http://www.sivandesign.com/3d-gis.

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