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Guardian Cities Explores Our Urban Past, Present and Future

Matt Ball on January 28, 2014 - in Uncategorized

We are bombarded with statistics about the future of cities these days, as fast as the cities themselves are growing. More than half of the world’s population now live in a city, with the number of urban residents increasing by 60 million each year – that’s two new urbanites every second. It is a relentless rate of expansion that will see over 70% of the global population living in urban areas by 2050, requiring the equivalent of a new city of 1 million built every five days between now and then.

That’s why we are launching the Guardian Cities site, as an open platform for critical discussion and debate about the issues facing the world’s metropolitan centres, from the future of housing and transport, to public space and infrastructure; from the nature of planning and governance, to energy and security – along with the forces of change that can’t always be planned for. What happens to cities subject to conflict and natural disaster, industrial meltdown and financial collapse?

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