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North Vancouver Adds Road Sensors to Deal with Slick Weather

Matt Ball on January 27, 2014 - in Roads, Sensors, Transit, Transportation

The District of North Vancouver is hoping innovative technology will help combat some of its slick winter roads. Road condition sensors, installed this year at the intersection of Ross Road and Mountain Highway in Lynn Valley, use infrared technology to measure road surface temperature, making snow and ice removal more efficient.

“We’re one of the first to have this type of technology. We’ve been dealing with snow and ice for a number of years, obviously, and the problem we’ve had in the past as temperatures have fallen is we rely on weather forecasts to help us predict what’s expected in terms of the cold weather,” said Erik Bayfield, streets manager for the district. “What we’ve been finding though is that the air temperatures that the meteorologists always give us are actually an unreliable way of telling us what’s going to happen.”

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