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Thane, India Looks to Deploy Sensors for Infrastructure Monitoring

Matt Ball on January 27, 2014 - in Maintenance, Sensors

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) may soon become possibly the first corporation in the country to embed in its flyovers and high-rises remote sensors for monitoring stability and long-term health of a structure. Venture deep into any congested area in the old city or drive over a bridge, and it becomes clear that civic engineers here have not planned for long-term. Now, by embedding the sensors, the TMC will be able to monitor when concrete girders of an old bridge sag or a building show signs of stress and strain.

Sources in the corporation said a deal had been struck with a Swiss firm to manufacture and supply remote sensors for TMC. The firm also provided sensors for construction activity during the last elections. The Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) sensors will be installed on flyovers and high-rises over nine floors, and later extended to other projects and dilapidated buildings facing threat of a collapse, officials said. The sensors will work as an early warning system for measuring variables, like loading, deformations and vibrations, affecting the condition and performance of a structure.

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