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3D Printed Canal House Gets Underway in Amsterdam

Matt Ball on January 23, 2014 - in Construction

The Dutch architecture firm DUS Architects have begun work on the world’s first 3D printed house in North Amsterdam. The project uses the world’s largest portable 3D printer called ‘Kamermaker’ or room-maker. Not only is this a 3D printed house, but it also will integrate sensors within the design to monitor and improve the home’s efficiency.

This ‘smart’ Research&Do project combines data and energy with 3D printing techniques. Just as distribution of data and energy are important for the city, distribution of data and energy are the backbone of each house. That is why the 3D Print Canal House will have a smart ‘data fire place’ at the heart of the house. It distributes all resources such as water, and energy and connects all rooms. As normally you can’t see data, the ‘smart data fireplace’ visualizes in a poetic manner the energy & data usage in the house. It is beautiful and cozy and functional, and it brings warmth and comfort to the house. Research topics are: How can we print with conducting material? How can we integrate sensors in digitally fabricated design?

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