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Laser-imaging Project Looks to Preserve the Alamo

Matt Ball on January 20, 2014 - in Facility Management, Maintenance, Sensors

The whirr of a ventilation system and the occasional click of a tripod-mounted camera interrupt the evening silence as two Texas A&M graduate students work just inside the Alamo’s front door. Their camera lens is focused on the thick limestone and mortar walls that have survived the Alamo’s evolution from a Spanish mission to one of the world’s most famous battle shrines.

The students are part of a team of about a dozen researchers assembling highly defined digital photos and laser images that will allow them to track the condition of the nearly 3-century-old structure and help determine which stones were originally part of the Alamo. The imaging work began last year and will continue through November. The data will be analyzed for historical information and maintenance purposes.

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