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Agency9 Extends 3D Cities Online

Matt Ball on January 15, 2014 - in Corporate, Modeling

Agency9, the leading provider of web based 3D visualisation solutions, today announces support for textured 3D city models created by the powerful LiDAR and image processing packages of TerraSolid. TerraSolid’s software suite for LiDAR data and image processing is a world leading solution to easily produce accurate textured 3D city models.

Agency9 have streamlined its process for data preparation to conveniently import data to its web solutions directly from the TerraSolid tools. With Agency9 solutions customers can publish online large data sets and city models produced in TerraSolid tools as geoportals and other GIS applications. Furthermore uploaded in Agency9s cloud service for urban planning, CityPlanner, public organisations can without installation provide its employees

  • instant access the 3D spatial data,
  • access to easy-to-use tools for 3D visualisation of 3D and creation of interactive project illustrations
  • share projects in teams and to stakeholders
  • publish externally for communication or dialogue

“Today’s announcement provides TerraSolid users new opportunities in making investment in 3D more viable. Also new business models are enabled for data producers to extend its product portfolio from traditionally only delivering data on a disk to now provide various online services. Agency9 invites Terrasolid users to evaluate the Agency9 capabilities at favourable introduction terms.” says Håkan Engman, CEO at Agency9.

“A nice thing is that many cities and municipalities already have LiDAR data, orthos and oblique imagery. TerraSolid suite supports these organisations to create high-quality textured 3D city models simply by improving image adjustment and point classification. The use of TerraSolid reduces lead times and saves substantial costs. The solution of Agency9 is a great continuum in the workflow from data capturing to their final use. ” says Mr Hannu Korpela, marketing manager of Terrasolid.

Agency9 CityPlanner is a web based service for 3D visualization of projects within urban development, infrastructure and energy. CityPlanner is unique in providing 3D web planning tools for widespread access and collaboration. It is created for urban planners, communicators, consultants and GIS technicians to easily create, share and publish project and spatial information from a normal web browser. CityPlanner is currently used by many municipalities internationally. http://cityplanneronline.com

About Agency9

Agency9 is a leading provider of software for web-based 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication in the infrastructure, construction and public sector. Agency9’s product portfolio includes 3DMaps, CityPlanner and other web based 3D geospatial solutions. The company was established 2003 and is an established leader in the web 3D market. www.agency9.com

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