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Smart Design: How 3D CAD Platforms Resolve Design Issues

Nimesh Soni on April 28, 2022 - in Articles, Column

Designers know more than anyone how 3D CAD platforms help reduce tradeoffs and compromises that have to be made before a design can be finalized. Whether a product concept will ever find expression is determined by three parameters: viability, feasibility and sustainability. 3D CAD platforms make it easy for designers to solve complex issues related to these questions and devise solutions on which businesses can be built.

CAD software has undergone transformation from a tool for digital 2D drawings to today’s tools that allow 3D drafting/modeling and visualization and near-real prototyping. 3D CAD platforms take the game one step forward to create cross-discipline and cross-platform collaboration and design automation. They make it possible for designers to bear massive workloads and deliver accurate designs with major gains in lead times.

In addition, 3D CAD platforms help get designs correct on the first attempt at high speed and accuracy, improving the bottom line and market growth of companies. Modern 3D CAD platforms help designers quickly conceptualize designs as well as visualize, collaborate, validate and detail designs and prototypes for production.

Pressures Faced by Millennial and Gen Z Designers

Trend of Custom Designs

Rather than ordering development with full-length specifications, the trend is to select available modification options and customizations through configurators at the point of order.

Need to Innovate

They have to remain on top of market, technology, materials and manufacturing process trends, and they need to anticipate the future to produce innovative design concepts and prototypes that meet market and manufacturer expectations.

Speedy Design Simulation and Validation

Designs need to meet the constantly changing requirements available for manufacturing technology (DFM and DFMA) and compliance standards.

Real-Time Cross-Platform Collaboration Across Multiple Verticals

To speed up design processes, designers need to communicate and collaborate in real time with many teams of manufacturing functions and others such as sales, marketing, quality and supply chain.

How 3D CAD Platforms Benefit a Designer

Convenient Design Conceptualization

Today’s CAD platforms are very user-friendly and can guide designers visually by developing 3D modeling concepts and designs.

In-Built Validation

Besides enabling designers in quick generation of concepts, visualization and simulation, 3D CAD platforms excel in complex design validations and generative manufacturing.

Parts Library

They make available ready-to-use 3D parts libraries and component vendor bases that speed up designs and reusability.

Integrated and Automated Platform

They help integrate and interoperate with all business systems, including CAD, PDM, PLM, ERM, CRM and MES through user-friendly APIs.

Data Sharing

3D CAD platforms make it possible to share the highest level of details in design files as well as cross-platform sharing.

3D Configuration and Error-Free Documentation

They allow designers to make master model templates—and part families—to offer designs with 3D configuration.

Project Management and Intuitive Dashboards

A designer can execute a complicated design project without leaving the same platform, allowing him or her to plan, track, organize, monitor and control activities across the product-development lifecycle.

AI-Enablement and Generative Designs

Advanced tools that are part of 3D CAD platforms offer intelligent technology for design iteration and automation while maintaining the constraints of geometric and functional intake.

Better Designs, Better Products

3D CAD platforms streamline design and collaboration workflows, help save and access revision histories, and integrate seamlessly with other relevant verticals.

To fulfill requirements, designers are always in search of efficient 3D CAD platforms that offer features to improve productivity and accelerate design cycles from innovation to manufacturing across the product lifecycle. 

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