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Acrow’s Modular Steel Bridges Help Restore Transportation Infrastructure in Northeast Italy

Parul Dubey on April 22, 2022 - in Bridges, News
Acrow Bridge – Alps Italy

Permanent and temporary installations will assist in reconnecting communities impacted by extreme weather 

(Parsippany, New Jersey) – Acrow, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, announced today that two of its modular steel structures have been installed in Northeast Italy to support efforts to reconstruct critical transportation links damaged by an extreme wind event. 

In late October 2018, Northeast Italy was hit by devastating winds from the Mediterranean storm Vaia. Gusts in excess of 190 km/h were recorded, causing extensive damage to forests, structures and transportation infrastructure, especially in the mountainous area of the Veneto region in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the province of Belluno, the municipality of Comelico Superiore was particularly affected with roads and bridges along the Padola Creek damaged or destroyed, cutting off access to numerous rural settlements in the municipality, including the hamlet of Sopalù.

Given the remote location and limited footprint for construction, a permanent Acrow 700XS® modular steel panel bridge was selected to restore connectivity as quickly, safely and economically as possible for the residents of Sopalù. To maintain traffic during construction of the new bridge, a second Acrow bridge was installed to provide temporary access at the site.

The Acrow 700XS® solution chosen for the permanent application is 30.48 meters long with a 4.2-meter-wide carriageway, featuring a guide rail system and an anti-skid epoxy aggregate deck surface. The limited space available for the assembly and the launching of the bridge represented a challenge, however it was successfully installed in a few hours using the crane-assisted cantilever launch method.

As part of the same project, an Acrow Beam Bridge provided temporary access at the Sopalù site. It consisted of two segments with a total length of 13.7 meters and width of 3.67 meters with side guide rail barriers. Originally rented for this project, it has since been purchased to permanently replace another nearby structure damaged by the same storm. It is anticipated it will be moved to the second location in the spring of 2022. 

The project owner was the Municipality of Comelico Superiore with support from consultants Studio API and Studio FMP on both projects. Contractor Cadore Asfalti S.r.l. constructed the substructures, the road approaches, and installed the bridge under the supervision of Acrow’s field service representatives from the US and Italy. Acrow provided technical assistance throughout the project, from logistics to assembly and installation,  through to the final bridge inspection required for the issuance of the Bridge Compliance Certificate.

“We were pleased to have been able to serve the urgent needs of these local communities to help restore connectivity quickly, safely and efficiently” said Marco Mazzucato, Business Development and Project Manager, based at Acrow’s offices in Rome.

Paul Sullivan, President – International Business at Acrow Bridge, added, “For more than 70 years, Acrow has provided innovative, customized solutions to the restoration of critical infrastructure after natural disasters. Our high quality, reliable bridges have a service life of 75-100 years, and our strong commitment to service excellence provides value to contractors and government agencies alike.”

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