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COBOD and PERI expand 3D construction printing distribution cooperation

Parul Dubey on April 14, 2022 - in News
  • PERI to distribute COBOD’s 3D construction printers in more European countries and US states
  • The partners have cooperated successfully on distribution of the COBOD printers, following that PERI became a minority investor of COBOD in 2018

Danish COBOD International is well-known for being the market leader in the development and production of 3D construction printers, while PERI Group is a leading company globally within formwork equipment, scaffolding, tents and now also the distributor of COBOD 3D construction printers.

PERI has successfully been distributing COBOD 3D construction printers since 2019 following that PERI in 2019 became a minority shareholder of COBOD. The successful cooperation is documented by PERI being COBOD’s largest customer having bought multiple printers for European and US customers. Since 2019 PERI also successfully used COBOD’s 3D construction printers on several projects, including the world’s first 3-story apartment building in Germany. 

COBOD and PERI is now expanding the successful cooperation, such that PERI in Europe beyond German speaking countries will also distribute COBOD’s printers in Poland, Benelux and France. In the US, PERI will be the distributor for the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan in addition to Texas.

The expanded cooperation is coming as a response to the rapid growth and increased demand for 3D construction printers on a global scale. COBOD also recently signed a distribution cooperation with Thailand’s construction giant, Siam Cement Group, for distribution in Thailand and more distributor agreements are under preparation for Asia, The Middles East & Africa. 

The aim of the expanded COBOD PERI cooperation is to leverage the significant know-how PERI has obtained related to 3D construction printing to the benefit of more markets in Europe and the US.

Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Head of 3D Printing at PERI said: “Our cooperation with COBOD has been highly successful and the development since our first involvement has gone much faster than expected. COBOD has really fast grasped the industry and become the globally leading provider of 3D construction printing technology. With the expanded cooperation, we are now ready to fuel the growth of both of our companies even further in Europe and the US”.

The partnership between COBOD and PERI matches COBOD’s leading technology with PERI’s unparalleled experience and expert understanding of the possibilities of the technology, together with PERI’s market reach and understanding of local conditions via PERI’s significant market presence in the selected countries and states. 

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD said: “We are thrilled that PERI is now investing further in securing the roll out of our technology to more markets. PERI has proven to be a perfect partner for us, and we would not be where we are today without PERI. In our quest to change the construction industry forever, we need partners that can cooperate with us on that mission, and we could not have found a better partner than PERI”.

About COBOD International 

The mission of COBOD is to disrupt the global construction industry through world class 3D printing and automation technology. Faster. Better. Cheaper. We 3D printed Europe’s first building in 2017. Subsequently the first 2- and 3-story buildings in Belgium and Germany were made with our technology. Also the first villa in Dubai and the first buildings in Africa have been done by our 3D construction printers, like the first wind turbine bases. We have an open-source strategy, partnering with customers, academic institutions, and suppliers around the world. Our partners include PERI (Germany), GE (US), Cemex (Mexico), Holcim (Switzerland), Siam Cement Group (Thailand), Dar Al Arkan (Saudi Arabia), L&T Construction (India), and JGC (Japan). Our vision is to see 3D printed and robotics constructed structures, windmills and buildings in every city around the world. HQ in Denmark, +80 highly competent experts from 20 nationalities and truly global presence with printers delivered to Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, US, Latin, and South America.

About PERI Group

With sales of € 1,503 million in 2020, PERI is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffold systems in the world. The family-owned company, with its headquarters in Weissenhorn (Germany), a workforce of 9,400 employees, more than 60 subsidiaries and well over 160 warehouse locations, provides its clients with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services relating to all aspects of formwork and scaffolding technology.

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