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Highview Power Names Rupert Pearce Chief Executive Officer

Parul Dubey on April 12, 2022 - in News, People

Global technology leader leverages expertise to accelerate the drive to a 100% renewable energy grid

Highview Power, a global leader in providing long duration energy storage and essential grid services, has named Rupert Pearce as its new CEO. In this role, Pearce will leverage his expertise in guiding technology companies through significant transformation and globalisation to position Highview Power as a leader in accelerating the energy transition. 

“The world has ambitious Net Zero goals and Highview Power is uniquely positioned with a commercially deployable solution that will make a significant contribution to securing those ambitions,” Pearce said. “The rapid adoption of renewable energy in electricity grid systems brings with it several structural challenges that need to be solved if the world is to fully benefit from its renewables, drive to its net zero ambitions, and improve its energy security. Our CRYOPlatform technology, deployed on the ground through our Renewable Energy Power Stations, provides flexible, long duration energy storage, energy shifting, and stability services at grid scale – capabilities that are critical to make renewables reliable and able to meet the increasing need for flexibility, agility, resilience, and security in twenty-first century grids. I am very excited to be joining Highview Power at the moment when – after many years of superb technological development – our products and services are ready to be deployed in a live grid environment, and the company turns its focus to commercial operations and scaling its activities around the world.”

Before joining Highview Power, Pearce served for nearly a decade as CEO of Inmarsat PLC, the leading mobile satellite operator. Under his leadership, Inmarsat entered the FTSE 100 index of leading companies on the London Stock Exchange. Mastering the technical concepts associated with the satellite and mobile broadband industry enabled Pearce to build impactful business strategies around complex technology and successfully navigate elaborate government processes globally. 
“Rupert’s successful track record of leading high-growth global technology companies makes him the perfect choice to guide Highview Power as we deploy our Renewable Energy Power Stations to catalyse the drive to net zero, eliminate fossil fuels from national grids, deliver massive operational savings for grid operators and households, and improve energy security and reliability,” said Highview Power Chairman Colin Roy. “As a highly respected leader in the technology sector, Rupert has the capability and the passion to help Highview Power deliver fully on its ambitions.”

A graduate of Oxford University and a recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., Pearce’s substantial industry leadership includes membership of the U.K. Government’s Trade Advisory Group for telecom services, chairmanship of the EMEA Satellite Operators Association, board membership for Tech U.K. and the Smart Africa Initiative, and he served as a Commissioner on the ITU/UNESCO’s Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development. He also served as a Visiting Fellow of the Tanaka Business School and as a guest lecturer to the Royal College of Defence Studies annual course. Pearce is currently a venture partner with Columbia Capital, was previously a partner of Atlas Venture and co-author of “Raising Venture Capital.”

About Highview Power
Highview Power is the designer and developer of a revolutionary liquid air energy services capability (the CRYOplatform) that utilizes proprietary cryogenic technology, delivering reliable and cost-effective long-duration energy storage, shifting and stability services. Its core Renewable Energy Power Station offering deploys this proprietary technology to provide 100 MW of charge and 200 MW of discharge at 2.5 GW/h of duration, meaning over 60 hours cycle time, for 40 years of design duration, locatable anywhere. Highview Power’s technology is low risk, immediately deployable, highly configurable and has excellent green credentials (using fresh air as its storage medium).  For more information, please visit http://www.highviewpower.com.

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