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The Searial Cleaners expands its range of innovative technologies and launches a unique global network of pilot ports to combat shoreline pollution

Parul Dubey on March 28, 2022 - in News, Water

Last June, Poralu Marine, the world leader in the construction and management of aluminium marinas, made a firm commitment to environmental conservation by launching The Searial Cleaners, the first range of shoreline waste collection systems. Faced with the climate emergency, the company is upping the pace of its actions and investing heavily in the brand by adding three new complementary technologies to its range that meet the specific needs of all types of terrain. The Searial Cleaners is also launching the first network, in France and abroad, of pilot ports, which will act as ambassadors for the range.
In a tense environmental context, where maritime and lake pollution is now one of governments’ priorities, it is becoming urgent to act to protect our coastlines, beaches and oceans from waste and micro plastics. Many actors are now willing to act; some are more than ready, but few real solutions actually exist.
It is against this backdrop that Poralu Marine launched in June 2021 the world’s first and only range of solutions to combat pollution in coastal areas and lakes. The first hero of the Searial Cleaners range, BeBot, is an electric cleaning robot capable of picking up all small waste, from 1 cm in size, without harming the sandy shoreline. Fauna and flora, including turtle eggs, are thus protected.
The Searial Cleaners has now taken decisive action and invested heavily, adding three new technologies to its range: PixieDrone, an aquatic drone that catches waste and collects data, Collec’Thor, a pontoon-mounted waste collector, and InvisiBubble, a bubble barrier that purifies water, diverts waste, traps oil and protects wildlife. Each technology has been designed to meet the specific needs of a particular type of land and waste (solid or liquid) and therefore has its own functionalities and specificities.
The Searial Cleaners builds and brings together a worldwide network of committed actors

With Poralu Marine’s backing, The Searial Cleaners has launched the first network of pilot ports in France and abroad that will act as champions for these innovative technologies. These pilot sites will test the technology of Collec’Thor, the latest addition to the range, and give feedback on how it works with possible suggestions for improvements. This unique partnership aims to support Collec’Thor in its ongoing development.
The network of ambassador ports currently includes several pilot sites: three in France, two in Italy, one in Greece, three in Canada and two in the USA.
The long-term ambition is to equip a hundred or so partner ports by 2022 and to bring together other committed players who share the same values, in order to develop meaningful partnerships that make real progress in the fight against coastal pollution.


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