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Aligned Assets Publish Two Case Studies on Local Authority Use of Business Data

Matt Ball on January 8, 2014 - in Corporate

Aligned Assets are pleased to announce the publication of two new case studies that focus on the use of business data in local authorities to drive efficiencies and increase revenue.

In addition to demonstrating the councils’ own use of innovation, both involve Aligned Assets’ business database, which is widely considered to be the most detailed and accurate one currently available.

The first case study focuses on Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and their work surrounding the Government’s business rates retention policy that sees councils now able to retain up to 50% of all business rates revenue they collect.

In addition to a review of their existing processes and a project that saw council departments sharing data more efficiently, the Aligned Assets business database has been used to identify business premises that are potentially going unbilled for business rates.  The case study shows that information provided exclusively from the business database has provided an annual revenue gain of £15,021, with a total revenue gain of £70,137 when including the retrospective collection of previously owed charges.

The second case study is about the London Borough of Harrow and the work they have done to counteract the common problem of seldom having the capacity or infrastructure to process the extremely high rate of change relating to business premises and names.

The work focused on using the Aligned Assets business database to supplement their LLPG (local land and property gazetteer), which is used to feed numerous council systems and projects with the most accurate address data available.  Through the use of the Aligned Assets business database, the Council saw an increase of 128% in the amount of validated business name entries and with that an inferred saving of over £25,000.

Like Barnsley Council, Harrow will also be using the business database to aid in the detection of businesses unknown to, and therefore potentially unbilled by, their Business Rates team.

Andy Hird, Managing Director of Aligned Assets explained that, “Our business database has uses across the public sector, from aiding the emergency services in mobilisation through to helping local authorities in identifying unbilled business rates.”

“These applications are only possible due to the unique way our data is sourced, including a call centre of 65 people, which shows why it’s also the business data of choice for 118 118, Bing and the BT Phone Book.”

Both case studies are available for free download from www.aligned-assets.co.uk/clients/localauthorities

Aligned Assets are an industry leader in AddressBase, gazetteer and address management solutions.  They supply software across the public and private sectors including over 100 Local Authorities, Fire & Rescue Services and Police Forces.  In addition to software and data solutions, they offer a complete range of consultancy, training, bespoke development and project management.

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