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Chief City Planner Aims to Make Toronto More Pedestrian-friendly

Matt Ball on January 5, 2014 - in Planning, Transportation

Toronto Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat’s crusade to make walkability a pivotal city planning principle. “Walking is fundamental to our survival,” she said in a public lecture last month, claiming it is critical for both human health and the city’s economy.

And while walking is almost unavoidable in the urban core, Ms. Keesmaat also has a plan to retrofit the suburbs for foot-friendliness — ambitious, given the vastness of Toronto’s suburban landscape.

Research continues to point to the link between health and the shape of communities. A recent study showed that the more walkable your neighbourhood, the lower your chances of developing diabetes. Childhood obesity may also be linked. Whereas 70% of children walked to school in 1969, today that number has dropped to 30% and childhood obesity has reached epic proportions.

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