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Aries Industries Makes Leap in Mainline Inspection Technology with New Voyager™ System

Parul Dubey on February 23, 2022 - in News, Products

New sewer pipeline inspection product introduced at WWETT show


Waukesha, Wis. – Aries Industries, the industry leader in state-of-the-art equipment for inspection and maintenance of underground infrastructure, has introduced the next generation of advanced sewer and pipeline assessment technology with the Voyager™ Mainline Inspection System.

The new product will be introduced today at the Water, Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport (WWETT) Show, held through Thursday at the Indiana Convention Center. Attendees are invited to visit the Aries Industries’ booth (No. 4127) to see Voyager™ for themselves!

Able to operate in relined pipes from 6 to 72 inches, the all-new Voyager™ provides unparalleled video quality through a full-HD 1080p WiperCam® camera, which offers a vivid, detailed analysis of pipe conditions.

Voyager™ has a robust ergonomic desktop joystick controller which makes operation easier and more efficient.  The digital CANbus controls deliver instantaneous crawler and camera response, perfect for zooming in on images while driving increased productivity. Real-time diagnostic monitoring metrics supply the operator with key crawler and camera functions.

Much like when Aries revolutionized pipeline-cutting technology with the Wolverine 2.0 Robotic Cutting System, Aries Industries is redefining sewer and pipeline assessment with the Voyager™ Mainline Inspection System. This new system offers unmatched features and ease of use, and is designed with customer UPTIME in mind.

“We’ve been working diligently to achieve the next level of mainline inspection technology, and are excited  to introduce Voyager™ at the WWETT show,” said Jim Kraschinsky, Vice-President of Sales for Aries Industries. “Our research and development team gathered customer input, performance data and years of past Aries product experience, to design the best-performing mainline video inspection system in the industry. The Voyager™ is a completely new, ground-up design that is made in America, and is further proof positive of Aries’ dedication to leading the industry. We can’t wait to show off this amazing product to our customers.”

Aries Industries also was recently awarded a cooperative purchasing contract by Sourcewell (RFP 120721 Underground Infrastructure Inspection and Rehabilitation Equipment). Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program with more than 400 competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities throughout North America.

Founded in 1985, Aries Industries is the industry leader in manufacturing durable video pipeline inspection and rehabilitation systems, plus data management software, to meet the toughest challenges of underground infrastructure and environmental applications. Focused on “Raising the Bar Underground,” the company’s cameras, tractors and fully-integrated systems are built upon a bedrock of continuous innovation, unmatched reliability and expert customer service. More information is available at www.ariesindustries.com, by calling (800) 234-7205, or following the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.


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