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UST Logistical Systems Appoints Kevin Dietrich to Executive Vice President

Parul Dubey on January 26, 2022 - in News, People

GREENVILLE, S.C.- UST Logistical Systems, a transportation and logistics group headquartered in Greenville, SC, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Dietrich to Executive Vice President. 

Kevin joined UST in 2020 as the Vice President of Operations for one of the company’s largest divisions. In less than a year, he spearheaded a platform that offers new leaders the professional development training they need to succeed and grow within the company. In 2021, Kevin was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations. Since then, he has driven continuous improvement and excellence in UST’s final mile industry operations, supported company leadership in their decision-making, and has helped roll out best practices across client locations. 

As Executive Vice President, Kevin will now be responsible for all divisions and their financial performance. He plans to successfully execute all client deliverables and ensure UST continues to uphold its reputation as the premier home delivery provider. President David Munsell calls this an exciting time for the company, remarking that Kevin has a known track record of excellence. 

“Kevin has proven himself as a highly regarded leader and innovator in our industry,” said Munsell. “We look forward to his ability to oversee the UST field operations to continue the pursuit of exceeding our customers’ expectations.” 

Kevin says he’s proud to be part of this exciting moment in UST’s history, adding that he believes his authenticity and collaborative spirit will serve the company well. 

“I am happy to be recognized for my commitment and contribution to UST, but that is eclipsed by my excitement for serving customers and working alongside some of the most talented people I have ever come across,” said Dietrich. “UST is truly special. Our people make us great, and I am very pleased to have been asked to lead this team.” 

Kevin will assume all responsibilities as Executive Vice President immediately. 


UST is headquartered in Greenville, SC. The company’s mission is to support a dynamic, resourceful, and objective team that provides value to every customer. UST embraces ownership and responsibility while providing innovative solutions that result in the execution of excellence, every time. 

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