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Cleveland Revitalizes by Streamlining Demolition

Matt Ball on December 5, 2013 - in Corporate, Smart Cities

The City of Cleveland was contending with numerous vacant and distressed homes following the housing crisis. While the agency was focused on revitalizing the community, tracking and managing the process related to nuisance abatement and demolition was riddled with inefficiencies. Necessary documents were in spreadsheets, handwritten documents and 3-ply carbons making version tracking and workflow management difficult.

The agency created a new record type in their existing Accela solution to consolidate data and workflows for the abatement and demolition process. The system allowed for current and accurate tracking of bids, proceed orders and reporting for stakeholders across multiple departments. And the agency was able to quickly and easily provide updated information to citizens and contractors as requested.

Learn how the City of Cleveland was able to streamline and automate demolitions—while strengthening the agency’s relationship with the community. Watch the video.

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