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ARC Thermal launches warehouse heating solution

Parul Dubey on November 17, 2021 - in News, Products

ARC Thermal has launched WHIZ (Wireless Heated Infrared Zone) which provides thermal warmth for individual workstations in factories, warehouses, distribution centres and other industrial buildings. This is a cost-effective, energy efficient, low carbon, heating solution.

Heating poorly insulated, large industrial spaces has always been a problem, particularly as heat rises where there are high ceilings.

The WHIZ system gives a soft, pleasant heat which directly warms anyone located within the heating zone. By creating ‘heat islands’ around occupied areas, the WHIZ avoids the need to heat the entire building, as is the case with convection based systems. As a result, WHIZ is one of the most cost-effective and energy efficient heating solutions for maintaining a comfortable working environment in large cold industrial buildings.

The infrared heating reduces air movement, creating a hygienic indoor climate where the spread of airborne viruses is reduced. It therefore helps to reduce the spread of Covid-19. What is more, the spread of allergens, dust and odours is also alleviated.

Additional benefits include silent operation; no light emission; individual user temperature control; admin control remotely via smart devices; straightforward installation; low/no ongoing maintenance; expandable modular system – up to 32 workstations; and a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

ARC Thermal’s Managing Director Andy Bloore commented: “COP26 has made everyone think even more deeply about climate change. Industrialists and warehouse owners are keen to play their part. Winter is coming and there has never been a better time to investigate energy efficient warehouse heating solutions that can make staff happier and more productive.”

ARC Thermal Products specialises in energy efficient infrared, underfloor and pipeline heating for a wide range of applications. The company is the sole UK distributor for ETHERMA products which are manufactured and certified in Austria and Germany to the highest European standards.

ARC and its strategic manufacturing partner, ETHERMA draw on over 35 years’ of experience in the planning, design, production and installation of electrical heating systems, infrared heaters, open area and pipeline heating.


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