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TerraSim® Releases TerraTools® 21.1

Parul Dubey on November 15, 2021 - in Products, Technology

TerraSim announces the release of TerraTools 21.1, the latest version of its industry-leading virtual terrain generation software. TerraTools 21.1 is available to all customers under active maintenance and support contracts. Current users can download the software installer and read the release notes on our support site.

TerraTools 21.1 adds the capability to import water edits from VBS4’s VBS Geo mode. Available to users with the VBS Blue Source plug-in, this capability enhances the existing workflow between the simple 3D terrain editing in VBS Geo and the sophisticated control and large area production offered by TerraTools. 

TerraTools 21.1 also supports the latest versions of the VBS Blue runtimes—VBS4 21.1 and VBS Blue IG 21.1—with its updated Export VBS Blue Source node.

In addition, several new nodes have been added to the TerraTools main application that enhance its core capabilities. These nodes allow for the import of data from OpenStreetMap, facilitate the creation of airfields, and much more. 

Eligible users can contact [email protected] for more information on these enhancements.

For evaluation, upgrade and sales inquiries regarding TerraTools 5.9.1, please email us at [email protected]

TerraTools 21.1 Highlights

TerraTools: Main Application (enhanced)

  • New Import OSM node for importing data from the worldwide OpenStreetMap database via direct import from OSM servers or offline data files
  • New TSG nodes for converting a displayable Tiled Scene Graph file to a DEM, TBR file, or model point references respectively
  • A new Create Model References DEM node for generating point model references using a DEM instead of a TIN
  • A new Features to DEM Blend Mask node for use with the Export VBS Blue Source node in generating a heightmap blending gradient
  • A new Apply Features and Model Library Script node for operating on feature and model library data simultaneously with a Tcl script
  • New Build Runways and Import Xplane Airport nodes for generating areal runways and importing X-Plane data for use in airfield terrain creation
  • Updates to the Batch Mode Manager to make it more responsive when handling projects with many phases and tiles
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements

TerraTools CDB Plug-in (enhanced)

  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements to the Export CDB node

TerraTools Steel Beasts Plug-in (enhanced)

  • Support for Steel Beasts version 4.253
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements

TerraTools VBS Blue Source Plug-in (enhanced)

  • Support for VBS4 21.1 and VBS Blue IG 21.1
  • New Import Geo Project (Water) node for importing Geo Project Geopackage files from VBS4’s VBS Geo mode containing water terrain edits into TerraTools
  • Support for the new water vector system introduced in VBS4 21.1, which reduces export time, results in more realistic water/terrain interactions, and enables water created in TerraTools to be edited in VBS Geo
  • Several new attributes for applying local offsets, scaling, and rotation to spotlights and lightpoints in VBS4 versions 20.1 and later
  • A new node property, Create Removal Regions, which allows exported terrains to override any underlying VBS4 or VBS Blue IG inset terrain data or any global data from the VBS World Server
  • New Export DEM as Height Blend Source and Export DEM as Height Blend Mask node properties for generating an inset heightmap and smoothly blending it into the surrounding VBS4 terrain
  • Updates to lights on runways, taxiways, and tarmacs within airfield terrains to appear more realistic as per real-world aviation lighting specifications
  • Super shader support for VBS4 21.1 and VBS Blue IG 21.1, which allows for basic decals on P3D models
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements

VBS Export Plug-in (enhanced)

Minor bug fixes and improvements


Why TerraTools

TerraTools is the military simulation and training industry’s leading virtual terrain generation software. With world-class features and automated processing, TerraTools rapidly produces high-fidelity, correlated geo-specific environments for use across visual, constructive, and serious game runtime applications. Advantages of TerraTools include:

  • Unmatched support for correlated terrain development across 15+ formats
  • Scalable, flexible, reusable, and configurable design to meet your terrain requirements
  • Extensive import and export support for geospatial data, models, and terrain
  • Built-in tools to monitor and manage each step of the terrain generation process
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for troubleshooting terrain generation

About TerraSim

TerraSim, a Bohemia Interactive Simulations company, develops advanced software solutions to automate virtual terrain generation for simulation. Our products are designed to be flexible, scalable, and compatible by continuing to support the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the military simulation and training industry

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