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Xylem Rental Solutions expands portfolio to include first and only temporary mixing product for wastewater treatment

Parul Dubey on November 12, 2021 - in News, Products

Flygt adaptive mixer added to Xylem’s temporary product offerings


RYE BROOK, N.Y., – Xylem Rental Solutions, a Xylem brand, continues to strengthen its broad temporary equipment portfolio by adding the industry-leading Flygt 4220 compact adaptive mixer solution. The adaptive mixer rental package is the first and only mixing product available for rent to help avoid unplanned downtime and enable continuous operation of critical plant processes despite maintenance requirements of permanently installed mixing equipment. Xylem is also the only manufacturer that also installs, commissions and services all rental equipment.

Xylem’s Flygt adaptive mixers enable water utilities to seamlessly manage the changing mixing conditions in wastewater treatment application by adjusting the mixer output to meet operational demands. With enhanced capabilities, including full automation, Flygt adaptive mixers bring complete control and adaptability into the mixing process, in turn providing significant energy savings, imposed process resiliency, increased uptime and reduced inventory.

“Utilities of every size now have new opportunities to enhance their wastewater operations with the Flygt Mixer Rental Package, including: optimized capital investment and inventory management; proactive maintenance for uninterrupted operation; prolonged owned equipment life cycle; and ability to trial adaptive mixing technology for increased energy and cost savings,” said Greg Asselta, Business Development Manager, Rental & Services, Xylem.

The mixer’s compact design makes the Flygt 4220 easy to transport and install, and is backed by Xylem’s highly responsive and reliable service capabilities. Additionally, its adaptive mixing technology is suitable for a broad range of applications including municipal wastewater treatment plants, water utilities and industrial – versatile to fit the specific mixing needs of any operation and ideal for retrofits.

Xylem Rental Solutions’ standardized and readily available adaptive mixer rental package includes:

  • Portable mixer stand: The custom-designed stainless-steel mixer stand features a sled-like design to provide stability and portability, allowing the mixer to operate in a horizontal configuration. The featured headache bar design lifting bail aids in tank installations and fork pockets for easy truck loading and unloading. The stand is optional for application use as the Flygt adaptive mixer can also be mounted directly on existing applications.
  • Adaptive compact mixer: The Flygt 4220 adaptive compact mixer built with cast iron and stainless steel features a 3 horsepower, 3-phase synchronous permanent magnet, and a 3-blade propeller.
  • Adaptive mixer control panel: Operators can control and adjust output via a tank-side, steel-enclosed and easily accessible control panel to maintain mixer modifications. By matching output to real demand, the adaptive mixers save operational costs and optimize process efficiency.


For more information about the Flygt compact adaptive mixer series, visit the Xylem Rental Solutions website.

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