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Ubisense Launches VeroTrack 2.0 Enabling Natural Gas Utilities to Achieve Greater Surveying Efficiency

Matt Ball on December 3, 2013 - in Corporate, Energy, Maintenance

Ubisense, the market leader in location intelligence solutions for enterprises, today announced the availability of VeroTrack 2.0, its natural gas leak survey tracking system. Developed with support from the Gas Technology Institute, VeroTrack has been found to increase surveying efficiency by up to 20 percent. VeroTrack 2.0 introduces a number of new features and upgrades that streamline survey processes to improve communication and lend even greater efficiency to natural gas utilities.

VeroTrack highlights facilities surveyed and records gas readings and GPS coordinates automatically, eliminating the need to highlight paper maps and manually enter data. The gas leak survey tracking system integrates with a GIS and creates standardized reports and auditable records. Additionally, supervisors can view the status of each field surveyor in near real-time to ascertain progress at any given moment.

“Natural gas utilities face increasingly stringent regulations that are requiring them to upgrade their internal systems to comply with standards in a more efficient and cost-effective way,” said Langley Willauer, director of natural gas solutions, Ubisense. “VeroTrack enables natural gas utilities to save significant time and cost associated with surveying and reporting, and helps to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.”

With VeroTrack 2.0, supervisors gain more control over how gas detector readings are stored, and greater flexibility in how they assign territories to field surveyors. The mobile version of VeroTrack 2.0 provides real-time measurements in graphical format, making it easier to determine if any indication of gas exists based on changes in readings. Additionally, the latest version allows field surveyors to review and edit inspections before synchronization to further ensure accuracy of the data.

In VeroTrack 2.0, the API has been significantly expanded and made compatible with industry-standard reporting tools, such as SAP Crystal Reports, enabling customers to develop new, customized reports on-demand.

“We work very closely with our customers to understand how their business works and to learn how our technology can be tailored to meet their specific needs. The updates now available in VeroTrack 2.0 were requested by our customers to give them even greater flexibility and control over their surveying processes,” Willauer said.

VeroTrack 2.0, a client-server system, is available in two client applications: VeroTrack Mobile and VeroTrack Field, which runs on handheld computers. For more information about VeroTrack 2.0, contact Langley Willauer at 603-930-3672 or langley.willauer(at)ubisense(dot)net.

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