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SITEOPS Releases New Parceling/Grading Features for Single Family Residential Projects

Matt Ball on December 3, 2013 - in Analysis, Corporate, Land Development, Planning, Site preparation

BLUERIDGE Analytics, provider of SITEOPS, optimization software for land development site design, proudly announces the release of revolutionary new Residential Parceling/Grading features.

SITEOPS users have been successfully designing non-residential and multi-family projects for years.  With the much-anticipated release of the Single Family Parceling and Grading features, users can now use SITEOPS to create any type of civil/site design project.   The new features will allow for a Mixed Use development to be laid out and graded in a fraction of the time it would normally take.  New features such as roadway cross-section templates (layout tools), curb and gutter location controls, site data acquisition (ability to access high resolution imagery, flood plain and parcel data through ESRI®) and parcel layout give users control over projects that they have never had in other CAD software.  Once users create a project layout in SITEOPS, they will use the new grading features like roadway profiler, overland profiler, roadway vertical control (K-values) and roadway cross-section templates (grading tools) to grade the design by the simple click of one button.  The power that SITEOPS delivers to users and their clients will provide the data needed to analyze the feasibility of multiple site designs.  The new features will create a 3D visual model that can easily be transferred to users’ favorite CAD software for detailing and/or to Trimble SketchUp for quick and 3D model presentations.

“We looked at what SITEOPS could do on one of our residential subdivisions currently under design.  We were amazed at how fast we could perform optimum yield analyses and get initial optimized grading and retaining wall plans and budgets from the software.” — Randy Bauer, Director of Community Development and Acquisitions for Trilogy, a division of Shea Homes, Inc.

“These new tools will continue to give us a competitive advantage to win more projects. Our clients are amazed at the benefits we can provide with the SITEOPS software.” — Michael A. Semeraro, Jr., Managing Principal, Langan Engineering

“SITEOPS residential layout with grading allows WSP to produce reliable grading budgets in the conceptual phase of projects. If the grading budgets don’t meet clients’ expectations, we can easily offer solutions that will.” – Gerald Burke, PE, Project Manager, WSP

“All of the enhancements make SITEOPS technology even more robust, and continue to increase the value-added benefits of using it, ” said Mike Detwiler, President and CEO of BLUERIDGE Analytics. “The Residential Parceling capability will empower engineers, architects, and land planners to optimize lot layouts in residential subdivisions in a fraction of the time it takes with CAD systems. It will also distinguish them from their competitors by utilizing the best tool on the market. You will save the cost of SITEOPS on the first acre you optimize.”

Currently, the SITEOPS Residential Parceling Module is included with the layout package at no additional charge.

SITEOPS (www.siteops.com) is patented land development software provided by Charlotte-based BLUERIDGE Analytics. SITEOPS can deliver cost-optimized conceptual site designs and cost estimates in hours instead of weeks, saving users thousands of dollars in unnecessary man-hours during site planning. SITEOPS offers speed and ease of use that allows civil engineers, landscape architects and architects to create and revise plans at the touch of a button. SITEOPS’s clients include Stantec, EXP, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Aurecon, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, Duke Realty, AECOM, US Army Corps of Engineers and many other firms worldwide.

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