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LineWise Introduces Line Cart for Use on Single Static Lines

Parul Dubey on November 1, 2021 - in News, Products

WACO, Texas — LineWise has introduced a Line Cart designed for use on single static lines. Featuring a 300-pound capacity, the new product is designed to provide a safe mobile platform when performing line inspection, installing marker balls or bird diverters, and other regular maintenance tasks on transmission lines.

The only product of its kind on the market, the Line Cart provides an excellent alternative to bucket trucks, which are inefficient because of the need for constant repositioning. The ability for one person to work continuously on a line also helps alleviate labor concerns. When workers are ready to move, the large, heavy-duty wheels of the Line Cart allow the workers to easily pull themselves along the static line.

The Line Cart measures 24 inches wide by 30 inches long by 50 inches tall (61cm x 76.2cm x 127cm) and weighs only 80 pounds (36.3 kg). Customized tool storage is optional.

LineWise is a division of Diversified Products. The company designs, engineers and manufactures a full line of utility products, including line lifters, insulated work platforms, phase lifters, transmission temporary conductor supports and the Buddy Bushing transmission hardware reinforcement system. For more information, contact Diversified Product Development, 700 Research Avenue, Waco, Texas 76705, phone 254-757-1177, fax 254-757-1188, or visit the website at www.line-wise.com.


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