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Rolta Awarded a Unique $25M 3D City Modeling Project

Matt Ball on November 27, 2013 - in Corporate, Modeling, Smart Cities

Rolta today announced that it has been awarded a prestigious 3D City Modeling contract by a major Middle-East country. Valued at over $25M, this is one of the largest and most comprehensive projects of its kind ever undertaken.

Rolta is an early mover in adopting and mastering the technologies required to address this emerging trend of using 3D City Models for municipal management. The Company first won a project for establishing a large 3D map for Dubai. With subsequent multi-million dollar add-on awards from Dubai, and one recently from the Sultanate of Oman, Rolta has developed specialized software tools and has established an enviable track-record for creating intelligent 3D Maps.

This is an ambitious project designed to fulfill the challenges of sophisticated analysis and simulation for town planning, infrastructure development, environmental management, homeland security and emergency response.

The project entails creation of a 3D model of various municipal areas covering nearly 5000 sq km, with tens of thousands of buildings. The model would be a lot more than a composite picture of the region — it shall be architected to build intelligence into the model for each building, feature, roadway and parcel through dynamic linkages to disparate data sources. Exterior surfaces of buildings will be rendered in a photo-realistic manner and a user could “fly” through the model to visualize areas of interest. Interiors of thousands of buildings and many prominent landmarks will also be modeled in 3D to high levels of accuracy.

Modeling a city in 3D involves deployment of very sophisticated technologies, such as aerial oblique imaging, photogrammetric mapping, street-view imaging, GPS surveys, laser-scanning, and integration of numerous data sources into a CityGML data warehouse that can be accessed via the Web by diverse users based on security access privileges of each. Rolta will use a number of software suites from its large repository of intellectual property to perform various tasks.

This award recognizes Rolta’s unique ability to provide domain expertise and deliver sophisticated technology solutions that fundamentally change how agencies and governments fulfill their missions. This project is a natural evolution and extension of Rolta’s Geospatial Fusion(TM) platform strategy.

The customer is embarking on this ambitious and technologically challenging project as the cornerstone to developing an intelligent 3D model of the country to support its growth as envisioned in its Master Plan and provide the data necessary to enable the infrastructure, environmental, security and other agencies of the Government to better fulfill their missions.

Mr. K.K. Singh, Chairman and CEO of Rolta said, “We are very pleased to have been selected for this prestigious 3D City Modeling project. Our customer is at the forefront of an emerging trend to be a part of a ‘3D Digital Globe’ with incredible intelligence built-in. At Rolta, we are excited to have the technology and the expertise to make this a reality. This project will showcase the potential of this technology as other cities embark on similar initiatives, offering opportunities worth hundreds of millions of dollars for companies like Rolta.”

About Rolta

Rolta is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Defense/HLS, Utilities, Process, Power, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. By uniquely combining its expertise in the IT, Engineering and Geospatial domains, Rolta develops exceptional solutions for these segments. The Company leverages its industry-specific know-how, rich repository of intellectual property that spans photogrammetry, image processing, geospatial applications, business intelligence, analytics, field-proven solution frameworks, and deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Geo BI, Cloud computing, Software Defined Infrastructure and Big Data for providing sophisticated enterprise-level integrated solutions. Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India. The Company operates from 40 locations worldwide through its subsidiaries, and has executed projects in over 45 countries. The Company benchmarks its quality processes to the world’s best standards, like successful assessment for Software Application Development and Maintenance at the highest Level 5 of SEI’s CMMI(R) version 1.3. Rolta is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange, and forms part of various indices on BSE/NSE in India. The Company’s GDRs are listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange. The Company’s ‘Senior Notes’ are listed on Singapore Stock Exchange.

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