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PERI Formwork Systems, Inc. Receives Cigna Insurance Well-Being Award

pdubey@v1-media.com on October 15, 2021 - in Awards, News

Company Recognized for Employee Well-Being Initiatives


ELKRIDGE, MD  PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffold systems, recently received the Cigna Well-Being Award for its commitment to well-being initiatives for employees. The award specifically highlighted a PERI USA wellness program titled Building You. Launched company-wide in January 2021, Building You provide employees with the support and resources to build well-balanced lifestyles for themselves. 

“PERI realizes that health and well-being are unique to each employee, and we want to encourage all employees to grow themselves in the areas of health, body, mind, relationships, and finances,” said Bernadette Pearson, senior vice president of human resources for PERI USA. “When employees are happy and healthy in all areas of their lives, they are more productive and engaged at work which results in stronger teams and positive impacts to our customers. We are delighted that Cigna sees our dedication and passion to provide our employees with the tools to continue to build themselves.”

The Building You program delivers unique resources each employee needs for each of the five initiatives: health, mind, body, relationships, and financial. The focus areas inspire a well-rounded, healthy employee to bring their best to every aspect of life.

Cigna Well-Being Award applicants are evaluated based on the company’s well-being program, including leadership engagement, company culture, strategy and goals, implementation, and employee engagement. A panel of Cigna health promotion experts reviews each applicant.

For more information about PERI Formwork Systems, visit www.peri-usa.com.


About PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.

Headquartered in Elkridge, MD, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and provider of formwork and scaffolding systems that help to bring some of North America’s tallest and most challenging structures to life. With 11 locations across the U.S. and more than 450 employees, PERI’s expertly engineered products enable contractors, builders, engineers, and architects to construct buildings in a safer, faster, and more efficient manner. PERI Formwork Systems, Inc., is part of PERI AG, which is based in Weissenhorn, Germany. With more than 9,400 employees worldwide, the company operates more than 60 subsidiaries and 160 warehouse locations across the globe. For more information, visit www.peri-usa.com

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