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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center: Eyeing the future

Matt Ball on November 23, 2013 - in Planning

Every city has a desire to move towards the future, but some do it harder and faster than others. Of the countless cities in the Chinese Mainland, Shanghai ranks as the most modern and developed. Shanghai is the largest city proper by population in the world. For anyone with an inkling of curiosity about what goes into maintaining and creating such a city, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center serves to enlighten the masses about the limitless possibilities of urbanity.

The highlight of the center is on the fourth floor, where a massive scale model of the city dominates the entire floor space of the storey. The intricate replicas of the city’s neighborhoods come offer come in forms both familiar and new. A sprinkling of dust aside, the model purports to show the city as it will be ten years down the road, with all the approved architectural projects in place. The model draws the eyes along the waterways and past landmark sights new and old, whilst lights brighten and dim to simulate both day and night views. Another noteworthy display is a somewhat dizzying 360 degree theater which zooms through an impressive CGI version of the city. It’s a blue-skied Shanghai without traffic congestion.

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